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Describe the length and anatomical location of the female urethra

4cm long with all except the upper most part embedded within the anterior wall of the vagina.


Where is the female urethral orifice found?

2.5cm behind the clitoris


Describe the internal sphincter of the female urethra

There is no internal sphincter


Describe the blood supply of the female urethra

Inferior vesical and uterine arteries


Describe the lymphatic drainage of the female urethra

Mainly to the internal iliac nodes + external iliac nodes


Describe the nerve supply of the female urethra

From the iliohypogastric plexus and the perineal nerve


Describe the histological structure of the female urethra

There is a longitudinal layer of visceral muscle with mucous membrane lined with transitional epithelium


What glands are found in or near the urethra, and where? What is their comparison in men?

Scattered mucous glands of Skene are found throughout the mucous membrane of the urethra, comparable to the prostate.


What forms the urethral sphincter? Where is it found?

The external urethral sphincter is found outside the visceral muscle, which is thickest in the middle of the urethra


What did the urethra develop from?

The vesicourethral part of the cloaca