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What is the shape and the dimensions of the prostate?

4x3x2cm, usually broader than long


What does the prostate secrete?

Approximately 30% of the seminal fluid


What are the relations of the prostate as a whole?

The prostate lies between the bladder and the urogenital diaphragm, clasped by levator ani


What are the relations of the base of the prostate?

The upper surface is adjacent to the bladder and is fused with the neck


What are the relations of the apex of the prostate?

The apex is blunt and is the lowest part. The prostatic urethra becomes the membranous urethra upon emergence


What are the anterior relations of the prostate?

The back of the retropubic space, connected by puboprostatic ligaments


What are the relations of the inferolateral surfaces of the prostate?

The inferolateral surfaces of the prostate are clasped by the levator prostatae parts of levator ani.


What occurs at the posterior surface of the prostate?

The ejaculatory ducts are accepted, as are the prostate's own ducts


What contains the prostate?

An inner "true" capsule and a condensation of outer "false" capsular ligaments


What lies between the inner capsule and outer capsular ligaments?

A venous plexus


What are the five lobes of the prostate?

Anterior, middle, posterior, and left and right lateral lobes


What is the significance of the anterior prostate lobe?

It is functionally unimportant


What is the significance of the middle prostate lobe?

Ducts pass through this lobe. Enlargements cause obstruction.


Why are the posterior and lateral lobes of the prostate important?

For their simple enlargement and cancerous change.


Describe the prostatic urethra

It is the widest part (?of the urethra?), has a posterior urethral crest, with a seminal colliculus (//uterus)


Where do the ejaculatory ducts open?

On the sulcus and crest of the prostatic urethra


What is the blood supply of the prostate?

By the prostatic branch of the inferior vesical artery (plus middle rectal and internal pudendal).


What is the venous drainage of the prostate?

A venous plexus lies between the two capsules and receives the deep dorsal vein of the penis.


Describe the lymphatic drainage of the prostate

Lymph drainage passes across the pelvic floor to II (??) and sacral nodes. Some may reach external iliac nodes.


What is the nerve supply of the prostate?

Sympathetic and parasympathetic. Parasympathetic nerves supply the acini (from pelvic splanchnic plexus). Sympathetic fibres supply the muscular stroma which contract to empty the glands during ejaculation (IHP)


From what does the prostate develop?

From the UGS forming lateral epithelial buds (acini of the outer zone) and dorsal buds (acini of the inner zone).