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List the joints of the pelvis

Sacroiliac, sacrococcygeal, and pubic symphysis


List the ligaments of the pelvis

Sacrotuberous, sacrospinous, iliolumbar


Describe the sacroiliac joint

This is a synovial joint between the ilium and sacrum, with fibrocartilage (not hyaline), jagged edges, and little movement.


What supports the sacroiliac joint?

Strong bands posteriorly and weak anteriorly: The ventral sacroiliac ligament, and a mass of tissue dorsally - mainly the interosseous SI ligament, formally forming the dorsal SI ligament. The stability is insured entirely by ligaments, whereas the bony structure actually tends to diverge the bones.


Describe the sacrotuberous ligament

A flat band along the posterior ilium from between the posterior superior to posterior inferior iliac spines, to transverse tubercles of the sacrum


Describe the sacrospinus ligament

This lies on the pelvic aspect of the sacrotuberous ligament from coccyx/sacrum to the spine of the ischium


What to the sacrotuberous and sacrospinous ligaments enclose?

The lesser sciatic foramen


Describe the shape of and attachments of the iliolumbar ligament

L shaped structures, with the apex attached to the transverse process of L5, with the upper band to the iliac crest, and lower band running laterally to blend with the sacroiliac ligament


What is the sacrococcygeal joint?

The symphysis between the apex of the sacrum and the base of the coccyx, with a disc of fibrocartilage in between


What ligaments support the sacrococcygeal joint?

1. Short ventral sacrococcygeal ligament unites bones at the front
2. Two dorsal sacrococcygeal ligaments are found posteriorly; a short deep one and a superficial one
3. Laterally there are sacrococcygeal ligaments from the transverse process of the coccyx to the sacrum


What do the dorsal sacrococcygeal ligaments enclose?

The superficial dorsal sacrococcygeal ligaments enclose the sacral hiatus


How rigid is the sacrococcygeal joint?

A good deal of flexion and extension is available at this joint


What type of joint is the pubic symphysis?

A secondary cartilaginous joint. Each pubis is covered with hyaline cartilage and then both sides are joined by a mass of transversely running fibres


How do the sacroiliac ligaments differ between men and women?

The ventral sacroiliac ligament is much stronger in the female.