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Describe the shape, composition and gross anatomical location of the ovary

The ovary is an ovoid shaped organ composed of fibrous tissue with embedded ova attached to the posterior leaf of the broad ligament


How is the mesovarium attached to the ovary?

The mesovarium is attached equatorially but does not invest the organ


Where in the side wall of the pelvis is the ovary found?

In the angle between the external iliac artery and internal iliac artery on the obturator nerve (hence pain referral)


How is the ovary attached to the uterus?

The tubal extremity is usually uppermost and medial, attached to he upper angle of the uterus by the ligament of the ovary


What is the blood supply of the ovary? Describe its course and major branches.

The blood supply is via the ovarian artery. This is a branch of the abdominal aorta which runs down behind the peritoneum crossing the ureter and entering the suspensory ligament. It gives a branch to the uterine tube and anastomoses with the uterine artery


Describe the venous drainage of the ovary

The ovarian veins form a plexus in the mesovarium (pampiniform plexus). the right drains to the IVC and the left to the left renal vein.


Describe the lymphatic drainage of the ovary

Ovarian lymphatic drainage is to para-aortic nodes (+inguinal nodes)


What is the nerve supply to the ovary?

Sympathetic fibres from the aortic plexus, and parasympathetic fibres via the iliohypogastric plexus


What is the histological structure of the ovary?

Fibrous stroma covered cuboidal cells (superficial epithelium)


What does the ovary develop from?

The paramesonephric ridge (and is the equal of the testis). It starts in the posterior abdominal wall and descends behind the gubernaculum