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Describe the size, shape and location of the vagina

Approximately 10cm long, in the same direction as the pelvic brim, with a transverse lumen


Describe the shape of the superior end of the vagina

The upper end is slightly expanded forming the vaginal fornix (A, P, L).


What is the significant anatomical feature of the posterior fornix?

It is covered by peritoneum


How is the ureter located relative to the vagina?

The ureter is initially adjacent to the lateral fornix and then passes to the anterior fornix


What are the anterior relations of the vagina?

The anterior wall (below the cervix) is in contact with the base of the bladder, with the urethra embedded in the anterior wall


What are the more distal relations of the vagina?

The vagina passes down between pubovaginalis and through the urogenital diaphragm


Describe the blood supply of the vagina

The vaginal branch of the internal iliac artery (plus uterine, inferior vesical and middle rectal arteries)


Describe the lymphatic drainage of the vagina

Vaginal lymph drains to the external iliac nodes and the internal inguinal nodes with lower parts draining to superficial inguinal nodes


Describe the nerve supply of the vagina

The lower end receives sensory fibres from the perineal and posterior labial branches of the pudendal nerve and ilioinguinal nerve. Sympathetic fibres from the hypogastric plexus supplies the blood vessels


Describe the histological structure of the vagina

The vagina is made up of a muscular layer of smooth muscle lined internally by mucous membrane, and covered externally by fibrous tissue. There is no muscularis mucosa and no glands.


Describe the development of the vagina

The upper part of the vagina is formed from the distal part of the mesonephric duct, the lower part from the urogenital sinus, with the labia formed from the urogenital folds