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Outline 3 ways Religions in which may be patriarchal

Religious organisations- male dominated, Catholicism form women to become priests
Places of Worship- often segregated through sexes (Women sit behind the men)
Sacred Texts - intepreted and written by Men, anti-female stereotypes ie Eve caused humanities fall of grace



Exclusion of women from religious organisations are evidence of women's marginalisation and patriarchal power.

Religion marginalises women in every sense.

BUT ... Was not always like this- exploitation and patriarchy only began with monotheism and decline in female Goddesses.


Daly- how religion acts as a form of social control

Spreads a "Patriarchal mist"
Christianity = patriarchy myth to control women
Women seen as impure because of menstruation, in past not allowed to leave the house during menstruating period. (RELIGIOUS TEACHING) The glass ceiling for women in religion, not allowed to reach high positions (EXCLUSION FROM CHURCH HIERARCHY) Religious images depict women as the purest form of life and as virgins thus shaming anyone who has sex out of wedlock. (RELIGIOUS IMAGES)
Marriage vows include having to obey thy husband (OPPRESSION AND DECEPTION)


El Sadawi

Men can justify the oppression of women due to own misinterpretations of text meaning patriarchy re-shaped the religion.
Actual religion = equal however male misinterpretation = patriarchy and exploitation of women.


Give one example of how religion may be empowering for women

Woodhead argues ...
- Hijab is seen as symbol of liberation to enter the public sphere rather than staying at home
- Religion promotes feminist advances in society



- Don't consider ethnic or class differences
- Do not address how secularisation may benefit feminism and female independence both in home life and in work sphere.
- Women now allowed to become bishops- ie liberal protestant organisations promoting gender equality with women in leading roles = argument is outdated
Woodheads argument including the hijabs.


The veil ban in France

This is a very divisive idea and law implemented by the French Government. Whilst it

It is very controlling over Muslim people. The veil is a symbol of independence for women in Islam and according to sacred texts, they are not allowed to leave private spheres unless they are wearing a veil. As Woodhead found it is a symbol of resistance against oppression without losing a sense of culture and identity.


Holm Comeback

God is male
Women are seen as deviant. ie eve was seen as a temptress. Eve created by Adam to serve Adam. Reproducing idea that women's purpose is to serve men.
In Buddhism, those who are deviant with bad karma will re-incarnate into women.