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Religion as an ideology

Distorts peoples vision, way to control society, by producing a false consciousness


What is a false consciousness

Distorted view of reality that prevents the poor from acting to change their reality.


"Spiritual Gin"?

1. Lenin
2. Intoxicant used to dole out the masses so that the ruling class continue to exploit them by mystifying reality. Makes positioning of the ruling class as superior and unchangeable


Theory of disprivileged?

explanation of why society is unfair, justifying inequalities by promising of a better afterlife. distracting attention from exploitation caused by capitalism.


How is religion a product of alienation?

Religion acts as an opiate to dull out the exploitation the masses face blinding people from their true position
Religion seperates people and has no solution to suffering so promise a better afterlife.
Religion legitimises suffering of the poor and privileges of ruling class



Religion promotes acceptance of ruling class so that proletariat believe classes within society are inevitable and unchangeable



Marx argues religion will disappear if we get rid of capitalism however the Soviet Union = communist but religion still existed
Rise of Secularisation = religion cannot possess as much power anymore. Argument is now outdated.
Religion can be used as social change to overthrow ruling class ie Liberation Theology in Latin America
Ignores religious inequalities against women.


Who argues Religion is the opium of the masses?



How is religion the opium of the masses?

Acts as drug to distort reality by promising salvation in the afterlife with the injustices being rewarded. This allows the bourgeoisie to continue ruling reproducing class inequalities and capitalism.


Neo marxism?

Religion is unfair to working-class however has functions besides supporting bourgeoisie. Can have a dual-character


Maduro Argument

Can be used as revolutionary force to bring about change. WC used religion to bring democracy to Latin America (liberation theology). WC gain relative autonomy through feeling acknowledged by the catholic priests that preached on their behalf. Power of wealthy redistributed from rich to the poor


Dual consciousness?

Gramsci argues religion has a dual character by challenging as well as supporting ruling class' hegemony



The way that ruling class use ideas such as religion to maintain control over WC



WC should still be supported despite a rise in secularisation and drop in religious followers
Ignores patriarchy of religion and how it oppreses women
Can be used for social change ie MLK jr and civil rights