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List some other common malignant neoplasms of infancy/childhood:

leukemia, lymphoma, hepatoblastoma, mesoblastic nephroma, fibrosarcoma, Wilms tumor


What is Wilms tumor ?

Tumor of the kidney (also called nephroblastoma)

Note that most congenital and pediatric tumors recapitulate developmental programs and may mimic the histologic appearance of fetal tissue, in contrast to adult tumors with multiple somatic mutations.


What are the mechanisms of disease in the fetus and neonate?

-Anomalous development



-Unique complications of prematurity
--Hyaline membrane disease and chronic neonatal lung disease (functional and structural immaturity of lungs)
--Necrotizing enterocolitis (ischemic damage to gut)
--Intraventricular hemorrhage
--Long term complications including dev delay