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Psychotic features of mdd

disorganized thinking, delusions (e.g., delusions of guilt or of being punished for sins, somatic delusions of horrible disease or body rotting, delusions of poverty or going bankrupt), or hallucinations (usually auditory, voices berating person for sins)


Melancholic features of mdd

 Outdated term indicates a severe form of endogenous depression (not attributable to environmental stressors) characterized by severe apathy, weight loss, profound guilt, symptoms worse in the morning, early morning awakening, and often suicidal ideation


o Atypical features

 Refers to dominant vegetative symptoms (e.g., overating, oversleeping). Onset is younger, psychomotor activities are slow, and anxiety is often an accompanying problem, which may cause misdiagnosis


o Catatonic features

 Marked by nonresponsiveness, extreme psychomotor retardation (may seem paralyzed) withdrawal, and negativity