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What is the aim, work setting, roles, client focus and funding for a Public Health Nurse

Aim: focus on promoting, protecting, preserving health of populations
Work setting: client homes, schools, workplaces, streets, clinics
Roles: health promotion, disease/illness prevention, health protection, health surveillance, population health assessment, emergency preparedness and response.
Client focus: individual, families, group, community, or larger population
Funding: municipal and/or provincial


What is the aim, work setting, roles, Goal and funding for a Community-based visit nursing

Aim: health promotion, prevention, health restoration and maintenance, or palliative and end-of-life care
Work setting:
Roles: Multidisciplinary care provided in home (ADLs, IADLs, medical needs), assess for condition changes, education
GOAL: Maintain independence, Avoid hospitalization, Maintain/manage safety, Decrease decline
Funding: not for pofit and for profit- agencies


Describe how the Canadian Community Health Nursing Standards of Practice guide nursing practice in the community

1) Define depth and scope of practice
2) Expectations
3) inform education curricula
4) Guide research
5) Employers to implement professional development programs


What is the goal of a Public Health Nurse

increase the health of the community by preventing disease and promoting healthy behaviours/environments


What is the role of a PHN and give examples

- Health promotion (supports healthy public policy)
- Health prevention (encourage healthy lifestyle choices)
- " protection (control infectious diseases)
- " surveillance (collects and reports data for tracking and forecasting health events)
- Population health assessment (collects info about pop. to initiate or evaluate services)
- Emergency preparedness and response (plans for and evaluates the public health's response to disasters)


Role of HHN

o chronic disease management/terminal illness across lifespan (e.g., management of IV infusion therapy)
o palliative care and end of life care
o Rehabilitation (wound care clinic)
o Health teaching (new diabetics)
o Support for individuals and caregivers


Role of a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (PHCNP)

o is a RN with advanced university training whose practice functions include ordering/interpreting diagnostic tests and prescribing pharmaceuticals
o health screening (pap smears)
o diagnosis (order and interpret)
o disease management (prescribe meds)


Describe role of a Outpost nurse/CHN

CHN in the north focuses on the roles of a PHN in rural and remote communities, and may also perform the roles of an HHN and acute care nurse


Occupational health nurse focuses on

health promotion, restoration, and injury/disease prevention in the workplace


Describe role of a Parish nurse

works in faith communities to promote health, healing and wholeness


Define community health

environmental, social, and economic resources to sustain emotional and physical well being among people in ways that advance their aspirations and satisfy their needs in their unique environment (WHO)


What are some components of a healthy community?

o Clean and safe physical environment
o Peace, equity, and social justice
o Adequate access to food, water, shelter, income, safety, work, and recreation for all
o Adequate access to healthcare services
o Strong, mutually supportive relationships and networks
o Opportunities for learning and skill development
o Diverse and vital community
o Workplaces supportive of well-being
o Wide participation of residents in decision making
o Strong local cultural and spiritual heritage
o Protection of the natural environment
o Responsible use of resources to ensure long-term sustainability


what is the goal of case management

to arrive at quality, cost-effective client outcomes
(A collaborative approach used by CHNs to coordinate and facilitate the delivery of healthcare services)


Identify the process of case management

o Identify and assess clients’ needs, plan care, provide or delegate care, and follow up with an evaluation of care