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What makes up "Loop A" of the fire system?

What makes up "Loop B of the fire system?

What condition can result in loop A failure but no fire warning?

-LEZ and PEZ


-Failure of LEZ


What are the indications of a baggage compartment fire?

Smoke Light.

-Aft fire extinguisher armed

-Iff in rear baggage compartment, VENT INLT and VENT OTLT advisory lights come on.

-Associated SMOKE/EXTG advisory light illuminates.


When does LRD fire bottle discharge?

Rear cargo hold:7 minutes after HRD.

Forward cargo hold: Immediately after discharge of HRD


What is the indication a fir bottle has vented?

Fire Bottle low indication


What is the indication of an APU loop fault?

Fault light on APU fire protection panel and "Check Fire Det" master warning on warning panel.


How many engine fire protection loops are there for each engine?

2! A and B


When does firewall shutoff valve close?

1) When T-Handle pulled

2)Temp in reservoir reaches 275 °F

3)Reservoir gets empty


When you pull a Fuel/Hyd handle, what should be the indications on the fire control panel?

-Check fuel valves and hyd valves closed. EXTG FWD BTL and EXTG AFT BTL advisory lights illuminate.


Apart from the Master Warning, what should be the indications for an APU fire?

APU Run advisory light out, APU FAIL, APU BTL LOW, and FUEL VALVE CLSD advisory lights on.


What are Advanced Pneumatic Detectors (APDs)? How do they work?

They give fire and overheat detection and activate indications on FPP. There is a helium gas inside them and when heated the gas expands triggering an alarm through the control amplifier.


What does Fault A or B indicate?

A broken APD. When it breaks there is a pressure loss.


How is an engine fire indicated?

-Engine fire warning tone (3 chimes).
-Both ENGINE FIRE PRESS TO RESET (red) lights flash.
-CHECK FIRE DET warning light (flashing red).
-MASTER WARNING switchlight (flashing red).
-The related FUEL/HYD pull handle off will be illuminated in red.


If PEZ fails will LEZ still work? If so, whyÉ

Yes because it is close to the control amplifier


How many baggage compartment fire bottles are there?

3. 2 HRD and 1 LRD. The LRD is shared between AFT and FWD baggage.


When does LRD bottle activate?

How long does it take to discharge and when will BTL low appear?

Rear compartment fire: 7 minutes after HRD.

Forward compartment: Immediately after HRD.

After 45 minutes.


When does the Fire Det warning light illuminate?

-Engine Fire
-APU fire
-Engine or APU fault fire detection illuminates
-BTL LOW light illuminates for the engine, APU or baggage fire extinguisher bottles


How many smoke detectors in the aft baggage compartment?

....forward baggage compartment?

2 one in the rear and one in the front.



How many APD in the APU compartment?



How do you know an engine fire is out?

T handle light and ENGINE FIRE PRESS TO RESET lights extinguish.


What do the bottle arming lights indicate when on?

...when off?

Aft and/or fed fire extinguisher charged. Extinguisher discharge switch is armed.

Extinguisher discharged and associated discharge switch is disarmed.


What happens if a BTL armed light is off with the associated PULL FUEL HYD OFF handle pulled?

The bottle has lost pressure or the squib has malfunctioned.


If the low rate bottle has lost pressure how is it indicated by the test?



When does the AFT Low Rate Fire Bottle never discharge?

On the ground?


How many smoke detectors and where are they?


1 in fwd baggage, 2 in aft baggage, 1 in lav.