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Under what conditions will you get a gear warning tone that can't be silenced?

1)Flap lever > 8.5 degrees
Either engine torque <50%
Both PLA


What happens when you open ALT GEAR EXTENTION DOOR?

Mechanically opens the alternate gear selector valve.


When does the anti skid system become active?

5 seconds after WOW or when wheels >35 kts whichever comes first


What are the limits of the NWS?

Tiller: 70° left/right
Rudder: 8° left/right


How is the NWS controlled and powered?

Controlled electrically by the Steering Control Unit (SCU).

Powered by hydraulic system 2


How is the landing gear controlled, activated and locked?

Electrically controlled

Hydraulically operated (sys 2)

Mechanically locked


What happens when you open the Alternate Gear Release door?

What happens if this is left open for takeoff?

Mechanically opens a bypass valve in the normal hydraulic system and gives access to the main landing gear release handle. This allows the alternate landing gear extension system to provide pressure via hand pump if gravity doesn't lock the main gear.

Landing gear can't be raised because main hydraulic pressure won't be available to raise the gear.


What is the purpose of the inhibit switch behind the Alternate Gear Release Door?

Prevents the gear selector handle from operating the gear.


How long does the NWS take to engage after you turn the switch on?

8 seconds


When does the nosewheel revert to passive shimmy dampened castoring mode (NWS caution light)?

What are the castor angle limits of the nosewheel?

Nosewheel angle greater than 70°
SCU detects a system steering fault
Steering switch set to off



What are the procedures for reverse taxi?

NWS on but don't use it or rudder pedals. Crosswinds should be less than 10kts.


What does the landing gear handle light indicate?

Gear unsafe


Light sequences for Gear retraction and Gear extension?

Retraction: -L,R,N red lights on and and amber selector handle light on
-L,R,N green lights off
-Amber door advisory lights on.
-L,R,N red lights on and and amber selector handle light off
-Amber door advisory lights off

Extension: -L,R,N red lights on and and amber selector handle light on
-Amber door advisory lights on.
-L,R,N red lights on and and amber selector handle light off, L,R,N green lights come on
-Amber door advisory lights off


When will the nose wheel revert to passive shimmy dampened castoring mode?

What angle can the nose wheel castor to?

Nose wheel angle greater Han 70 degrees.

SCU detects a steering system fault.

NWS switch is off.

Castor up to 120 degrees either side of Centre.


In the event of a hydraulic system 2 failure, how many brake applications does the accumulator give you?



What happens if you apply takeoff power against the brakes?

Takeoff warning horn will sound?


If you test the anti-skid system, how do you know if the test has failed?

INBD and OUTBD ANTISKID caution lights stay on.


If the landing gear hydraulic sequencing valve fails, or the PSEU is unable to control the valve, what is the result?

LDG GEAR INOP caution light and a alternate landing gear extension is required.