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What is the max fuel imbalance?

600 lbs


How many fuel capacitance probes?

9 per wing


How much fuel is on board if the magma stick shows full?

85% or more


What is the acceptable fuel outlet temp range?

What happens if the temperature goes out of limits?

0°C to 71°C

Number turns red when it exceeds 71°C


What happens during fuel transfer?

-Donor Aux pump automatically comes on.
-Recipients level control shutoff valve opens.
-Fuel control shutoff valve opens.
-Level control solenoid valve opens in recipient tank.


Describe the fuel imbalance message.

Amber "Imbalance" on ED. Quantities go to yellow.


What happens if EDP and AUX pumps fail?

Flame out


How is fuel transferred from the main tank to the collector tank?

Scavenge ejector pump and flapper valves


When does "Low Fuel Warning" sensor provide a low fuel warning?

What are the conditions?

305 lbs per tank.

The engine must be running (oil pres) and the parking brake released.


Where is fuel temperature measured?

After it has passed through fuel/oil heat exchanger and before entering the main fuel pump.


How is fuel returned from the surge tank to the main tank in flight?

Negative pressure created by decreasing fuel in the main tank.


How does the magnetic dip stick work?

Dipstick with a magnet attached to the top. Outside of the tube is a magnetic float which is at fuel level, When the dip stick is unscrewed and moved down, it's magnet will match magnetic float to indicate the level in the tank.


How does fuel get from main tank to the collector bay?

Dihedral and through flapper valves.


What is the consequence of taking off with the Fueling On caution lights?

Fueling door will be open.


Which tank supplies fuel to the engines; main, surge, or collector tanks?

Collector tanks


What fuel temperature is shown on the fuel systems page?

Fuel temperature in left collector tank.