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  • Length 78"
  • Width 23"
  • Height 16" to 24"

Average Adult Metal Interior Casket Size


  • Length 75"
  • Width 22"
  • Height 16" to 22"

Average Adult Wooden Interior Casket Size


  • Length 84"
  • Width 29"

Average Adult Wooden or Metal Casket Exterior Size


This is how the deceased should be measured for casket size.

Elbow to Elbow


  • 1976-1980- 47%
  • 1988-1994- 56%
  • 1999-2000- 64%

People Considered Overweight or Obese in America


The arranging funeral director should always do his or her best to ascertain the approximate size of the deceased _____ the family makes a casket selection.



Measures 86 inches long by 30 inches wide.

  • An oversize casket may require the use of an oversized outer burial container
  • May need to utilize more than one standard grave space.

Standard Interior Dimensions of a Burial Container


Oversize dimensions have increased incrementally by 2 Inches in Width, 3 Inches in Length. Each "step" increase in size represented by an X.

X Formula


Fewer provide oversize caskets that specifically follow any particular X formula. Instead, they simply manufacture a variety of oversize units designed to accommodate the widest range of body types one can reasonable expect to encounter.

Manufacturers Today


A  unit that measures (inside) 38 inches wide and 85 inches long (keep in mind that a twin bed mattress measures 39 inches by 75 inches).

Double Oversize


Althought oversized caskets use the same materials as a standard casket, the additional materials, labor, and sometimes custom work necesary to manufacture them will make them ____ ______ than the standard casket.

More Expensive


Represents pure tragedy, one of the greatest losses anyone can experience.

  • Range from 12" to 5'6" in length
  • Typically increase lengthwise by 6 inch increments.
  • Widths vary, determined by proportion to casket's length.
  • Only difference between adult caskets is dimensions
  • Interiors may be reversible

Infant or Child's Casket


Half couch caskets may have caps hinged in an opposing manner, and can be displayed with either "male"  (light blue) or "female" (pink) interior themes.

Reversible Interior in Children's Caskets


Vacuum formed or injection molded polymer plastics account for a much larger percentage of caskets produced.

  • Many of these polymer caskets are combination units.
  • Practical, study, and economical
  • Less aesthetically pleasing

Unusual Aspect of Children's Caskets


Offer the advantage of serving as their own burial container, so no additional burial vault is required.

Combination Unit


If the funeral home does not stock what the family wants, the family should be offered the opportunity to select an appropriate casket from a catalog; most manufacturers of infants' and children's caskets can deliver within 24 hours.

  • Do not cause the family of a deceased child to feel any more disenfranchised because their choices were limited and they had to "settle" for what the funeral home had in stock.

Offer The Family Options