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  • Air trays and combination cases
  • Orthodox jewish caskets
  • Priest/clergy caskets
  • Glass sealers

Other Caskets and Containers


An outer enclosure utilized for the protection of casketed remains during transportation.

Transfer Container


  1. Air trays
  2. Combination cases

Two Types of Transfer Containers


A transfer container consisting of a wooden tray wtih a cardboard covering for the casket.

  • Specifically designed to protect the casket shipped via commercial airlines
  • Usually have strap handles formed from nylon webbing to aid in handling.

Air Tray


A transfer container consisting of a particle board box with a cardboard tray and cover to satisfy air shipping regulations.

  • Designed for uncasketed remains shipped by air

Combination Case (Combo)


Both air trays and combination cases must meet stringent construction and durability guidelines established by this association.

Air Transport Association (ATA)


Before shipping via airline became commonplace, human remains interred in a distant location were mots frequently shipped by rail. This protected those remains during transport.

  • Today is used primarily when shipping human remains to certain foreign counrties that require one to be used to satisfy governmental requirements.
  • Occasionally may be used as a grave liner.

Wood Box


Also necessary as part of some countries' shipping regulations. A gasketed container which can be used as an insert into a casket or as a separate shipping container.

  • Has no interior lining
  • Sealed by compressing the gasket between the cap and the body by means of threaded fasteners
  • United States- to contain remains in advanced stages of decomposition or dead from highly infectious diseases
  • Many foreign countries- all incoming remains

Ziegler Case (Metal Case)


Judiac law dictates that the orthodox casket meet these requirements:

  1. The casket must be competely biodegradable; orthodox caskets are constructed of wood
  2. No metal products may be used in the casket
  3. Glues or adhesives must be vegetable-based, not animal-based.
  4. Orthodox caskets may not be constructed on the Sabbath or the Jewish holy days.
  5. Orthodox caskets are blessed by a rabbi and are sometimes constructed under rabbinical supervision.

Jewish Orthodox Caskets (Aaron)


  • Poplar is by far the most commonly used raw material, followed by oak, pine, and cherry.
  • Screws and nails are not allowed
  • Joints are held together with blue and wood dowels
  • Mattress or bed is cotton or wood wool
  • Interior lining is frequently muslin or cotton crepe
  • In an effort to return the body to the earth as quickly as possible, holes are found in the bottom of the casket.

Aarons are Always Constructed of Wood


  • Avoid showy ostentation
  • Cap openings- hinged-cap or slip panel

Aarons Tend to be Simple


Does not refer so must to a casket type as it does a cap style. Resembles a full couch but the cap is not hinged to the casket body, it is removed entirely.

  • Deceased can be viewed from heat to foot from both sides of the casket simutaneously.

Clergy/Priest Casket


  • Can be wood or metal
  • Hinge cover is repaced with an extended body lining
  • Edtendover completely encircles the top body molding
  • Method of closure will vary depending on the presence or absence of a gasket and the individual manufacturer's established fashion.
  • If not readily available, funeral home can remove the cap from a half or full couch casket and order replacement body lining and extendover

Clergy Casket Description


What sets this casket apart from other metal caskets is the presence of a glass plate that covers the deceased within the casket.

  • Plate surrounded by a metal frame is secured to a gasket on the top body molding flange by means of a dozen or more screws.
  • Formed almost exclusively from higher quality non-ferrous metals.

The Glass Sealer


Historically been used by the US military in cases of severely traumatic death. To prevent any possible viewing of extremely disfigured remains, the inside surface of the glass plate was painted black before being secured to the casket body.

Blacked-Out Glass Sealer


Wood, due to its natural porosity, cannot be made to "seal" simply by placing a gasket or epoxy compound between the cap and body.

  • Protective wood caskets are marketed

"Sealing" Wood Caskets


Esentially two caskets, an inner one of metal (usually copper) nested within an outer casket of wood. 

  • Interior dimensions are less than standard

Protective Wood Casket


Not to be confused with the combination case. Any product consisting of a unit or series of units which are designed or inteded to be used together as both a casket and as a permanent burial receptacle.

  • Usually formed so that a separate one-piece dome component can be attached to the casket body.
  • Some polymer plastic infant caskets need no dome component and may be buried wtihout any additional outer container.

Combination Unit


An unfinished wood box or other non-metal receptacle or enclosure, without ornamentation or fixed interior lining, which is designed for the encasement of human remains and which is made from fiberboard, pressed wood, composition materials (with or without an outside covering) or like materials.

Alternative Container


  • The abbey casket
  • Country log caskets
  • Ecopod
  • Art casket

Other Caskets


Since 1999, the Benedictine monks of St. Meinrad Archabbey in St. Meinrad, Indiana have operated an enterprise dedicated to the production of simple wood caskets similar in style to the monastic casket utilized by the monks themselves.

  • Constructed by hand of poplar, with a slip-panel cap, bail handles, and lined with unbleached muslin

The Abbey Casket


Started by Patty Kramps.

  • Standing dead lumbar as a raw material, or recycled barn doors
  • Constructed by hand
  • Interiors are lined with rustic materials like denim and leather
  • Feature hand painted scenes
  • Also makes urns

Country Log Caskets


From Great Britian, a casket (or "coffin" as its manufacturer prefers) formed from 100% recycled paper and covered with a variety of handpade papers, silk, or gold leaf.

  • Designed somewhere between an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus and the seed pod of a gymnsperm
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Sturdy- weighs 30 lbs, but can support 210lbs



Offers out-of-the-ordinary caskets in a wide variety of colorful decorated units.

  • 18 gauge caskets are overlaid with photo-laminate murals.

Art Casket