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What is universality?

Conclusions that are drawn can apply to everyone
Undermined by bias


What is alpha bias?

Suggests real differences between men and women
Undervalue women


What is an example of alpha bias?

Sociobiological theory of relationship formation
Men impregnate as many women as possible
Sexual promiscuity in men is genetically determined
Promiscuous women go against nature


What is beta bias?

Minimises differences between men and women
Women not a part of research process


What is an example of beta bias?

Fight or flight response
Research based on male animals
Taylor - females inhibit fight or flight, shifting towards tend or befriend


What is the tend or befriend response?

Care for offspring (tend)
Form defence network with other females (befriend)


What is androcentrism?

Male centred
When normal behaviour is judged per male standard
Female behaviour is abnormal in comparison


What is an example of androcentrism?

PMS is a social construction
Medicalises female emotions
Male anger is seen as a rational response


Evaluation - implications of gender bias

Validates discriminatory practices
Scientific justification for denying women opportunities (PMS)
Damaging consequences for real women


Evaluation - sexism in the research process

Lack of women in senior research = female concerns not reflected
Men more likely to be published
Lab experiment = female pps put in inequitable relationship with male researcher
Supports institutional sexism


Evaluation - reflexivity

Embrace bias as part of research process
Dambrin and Lambert - reflect on how their gender influences their reading of events
Leads to greater awareness of role of personal bias


Evaluation - essentialism

Gender difference is inevitable and fixed
Walkerdine - in the 30s research suggested university shrivelled a woman’s ovaries
Politically motivated disguised as fact


Evaluation - feminist psychology

Worrell and Remer - criteria to avoid gender bias
Study women within real life context
Diversity within groups of women
Qualitative data


What is gender bias?

Research offers view that doesn’t represent behaviour of women