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Anataolia, etymology and where is it?

Is traditionally considered between Mediterranean sea, Aegan sea And Marmara sea and Black sea. and a line from black sea to mediterranean sea. i.e. not the whole turkey. The Anatolian Plateau. But Modernly reffered to as whole turkey plus parts of the neighbouring countries (with the rise of turkish state.


Paris commune 1871, participant in a later demo. What Slogan, what flag? why protest?

1883: Unemployed meeting of 500 men, shouting, bread, work or lead! Michel in front using the black flag marching towards bouleward Saint-Germain. The crowd pillaged three baker's shops before police attacked. Michel was arrested and sentenced to six years solitary confinement. Public pressure soon forced the granting of an amnesty. "black flag is the flag of strikes and the flag of those who are hungry" //Michel source wiki.


Black flag as symbolism when and what does it mean?

in 1880s did it appear: Drapeau noir newspaper, and black international movement from london. waved in a riot in 1883 in Paris for Bread, work or lead!
in chicago for Fearful symbol of Misery hunger and Death 1884...
It is anti surrender,defiance. It is anti-nationalist. It is also anti representationalism. has been used many time sinc.
It appeared as to differentiate itself with socialism in 1880s, since they had been more similiar before, but kropotkin for instance preferred to keep the red flag. wiki.