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Mahmud 2

30th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1808 until his death in 1839.

His reign is notable mostly for the extensive administrative, military and fiscal reforms he instituted, which culminated into the Decree of Tanzimat (Reorganization) that was carried out by his sons Abdülmecid I and Abdülaziz I.


Treaty of Nanjing. When?



Prophet Hong Xiuquan. When? What?

19th c. 1814-1864. Well, he was a christian who started a Christian Sect in China.


Society of God Worshippers.

Christian sect founded in 1843 by Hong Xiuquan, Feng Yunshan and Hong Rengan in Hua County.

1851 Do the God Worshipping Society proclaimed the Jintian Uprising against the ruling Qing Dynasty, and declared the formation of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, thus beginning the Taiping Rebellion, which has been described as the "most gigantic man-made disaster" of the nineteenth century.


Thomas Jefferson

Founding Father.


Adam S Theory of Moral Sentiments. What does it mean? When?

1759. It was seminal.

It provided the ethical, philosophical, psychological, and methodological underpinnings to Smith's later works, including The Wealth of Nations


Mohammed Ali Pasha

1769 - 1849. Though not a modern nationalist, he is regarded as the founder of modern Egypt because of the dramatic reforms in the military, economic and cultural spheres that he instituted.



1. A visual defect in which distant objects appear blurred because their images are focused in front of the retina rather than on it; nearsightedness. Also called short sight.
2. Lack of discernment or long-range perspective in thinking or planning:

"I don´t plan my life myopially"