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Communication seen as linear. How does that model work.

1. Who. 2. What. 3 Channel. 4 Whom. 5 Effect.

Between every number are there Noise. That distorts or changes the intent of the message.


What does Linear Communication focus on? what is the purpose?

The effect. The sender wants to give a certain message.


Magic Bullet Theory. And a good case for it in a radioprogram.

immediate effect of message injection to passive consumers.
Martians attack Earth 1h escalating radio program 1938 as people believing in things very easily. MASS PANIC!!! (but the assumption had many problems).


Nuanced picture of Martians attack and when where it.

1938...Some where missing the intro and therefore Some people did not hear Martians and thoguth of Germans in the Air.
Newspaper exaggerated the "panic". It was tried again and was not possible to reproduce.


How did theories of communication change

From the passive to the active! The great effects of media theory was discarded.

People seek their own newspaper stories to confirm their beliefs.