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How can Big Bang, and its continuation and change be explained through Human disciplines

1. physics, it has atoms and heat simple things.
2. Chemistry. Interaction between atoms creating molecules. or 2 molecules
3. Biology. What happens when Girraffe interacts with elephant? This is organisms..Even more complex.
4. History. i.e. Study of Culture. THis happened 70k ago when homo sapiens started to interacting and creating culture. This was thx to the cognitive revolution


3 revolutions that Harari Sums up all History

Cognitive 75k ago.
Agricultural 12K ago.
Scientific 0.5K ago.


What is meant by cognitive revolution.

Homo Sapiens could think. eg. abstractly.
Language do other species have as well. Whales, monkeys, birds all of them.
We could imagine things that made us awesome. We could have an imagined order of kings or shamans with spirits for eg.


Identify the economic compromises in the Constitution. (Us)

They had 3/5 of representation right and taxation of a person. Refugee slaves had to be taken back from anti-slave states.


Alexander Hamilton and Economy

USA had a 27:1 debt income ratio. A lot! They issued bonds with 4 percent yearly pay