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Confirmation bias (the mother of all biases)

Focus on what confirms my beliefs and make vague that which doesn´t. i.e. The tendency to search for, interpret, focus on and remember information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions. I think these plants need a lot of water... To find out if true do we give they water and they are fine CONFIRMED. We don´t also water some of the plants a little.


Pattern Recognition machines. que significa?

Our cognitive system recognizes patterns all the time. Non-stops on our table do we recognize patterns in. We recognize supernatural things in the nature if we want to, patterns that aren´t there.


availability Heuristic

The tendency to overestimate the likelihood of events with greater "availability" in memory, which can be influenced by how recent the memories are or how unusual or emotionally charged they may be. e.g. I in a test are all the women super famous and the men just a little bit famous so you think there where more women because you recognized more of them.


Endowment effect

The fact that people often demand much more to give up an object than they would be willing to pay to acquire it. i.e. this is mine, I don´t want to lose it...


Anchoring bias

People are primed by numbers... If they see an unrelevant number to the shop and then go in to buy something will they be willing to pay something around that number. If people would write the last to numbers of their personal numbers for instance.



Temporarily affecting people before they make a decision by something unrelevant and often subtle.

Make them buy eco products vs. nothing and they will cheat more. Making them read the 10 bible comandments make them cheat less (they are reminded about moral).


IKEA Effect

Like Karl Marx U dont get alienated when you produce your own work...It becomes more beautiful and valuable if you do it yourself.


Formal vs. informal Fallacy

Well, both are unsound ideas. Problematic arguments But a formal fallacy is always wrong based on it´s structure. It is invalid. Where informal fallacies are valid but have at least one false premise.


Regression to the Mean

Regression to the mean is the technical term for things evening out. Specifically, it refers to the tendency of a random variable that is highly distinct from the norm to return to "normal."

For example, if a researcher gave a large group of people a test of some sort and selected the top-performing 5%, these people would be likely to score worse, on average, if re-tested. Similarly, the bottom 5% would be likely to score better on a retest. In either case, the extremes of the distribution are likely to "regress to the mean" due to simple luck and natural random variation in the results.


Multiple independent errror factors. What could they contribute to? What are their in our reality

Superstition or Blaming something wrongly on another thing. Jobinterview plus a sunny day and alert senses. or jobinterview plus u couldnot sleep. Your bf just broke up.
It is hard to predict our reality when it is so ambiguos
They are fluctuations in our reality. It will regress to the means but things are up and down. Randomly.