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What was the first solution

To send the Jews to other countries and hitler put Reinhard Heydrich in charge of this


When did hitler promise the destruction of Jews in Europe

30th January 1939


What happened after the war broke out in 1939

It was difficult to send them away so SS commanders shot many jews as the army advanced through Poland
Heydrich gave up on these plans and ordered Jews to be moved to Poland


What were ghettoes

From Oct '41 create total confinement for Jews by turning neighbourhoods into prisons
Hoped would deplete Jewish population through starvation, disease and cold. Thousands died. Water contaminated in Warsaw 70,000 died


When were the ghettoes raised



When did the SS open an extermination camp

December 1941 in Poland
More were opened in 1942


When was the final solution planned

20th Jan 1942 leading Nazis met at Wannsee in Berlin to plan the final solution to the Jewish problem led by Heydrich
Wannsee conference


Where were the death camps built and where did the Jews come from

In remote areas in Eastern Europe
Jews rounded up from all Nazi controlled Europe Germany, France



Rudolf Höss commander they were told they were being resettled travelled in goods coaches with no toilets many died
When arrived those who didn't look capable of work were sent to gas chambers


Jobs at Auschwitz

Some prisoners jobs were to build parts of the camps were instructed to 'work them to death'
Many died from exhaustion, starvation, and disease
Those who disobeyed were tortured and shot


Aftermath of Auschwitz

Between 3 and 4 million people died in Auschwitz
Nazis tried to destroy evidence by blowing up the camp


Who was in charge of transporting Jews to death camps

Adolf Eichmann


Concentration camps

Est. 1933 for political opponents after night of long knives control went to SS
Used to warehouse Jews and other undesirables


What happened when you arrived at a concentration camp

Stripped of all belongings, valuables, hair, disinfected, given shower and issued stripped uniform


What was a typical day at a concentration camp

Began at dawn
Slept in barracks with 300-800 people on slatted bunks of wood 3-4 per bunk. Organised into groups to go to toilet then marched to breakfast which was bread and liquid substitute for tea of coffee
Then sent to work for 10-14 hours in mines, factories etc