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Berlin Olympic Games 1936

olympics used as a stage for political propaganda
Germany broke olympic rules by not participating due to their race and religion

Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals, African American, Hitler refused to present him with them

- trying to promote Nazi party's stadium covered in Nazi banners/symbols


Mexico City Olympics 1968

olympics used to highlight racism in USA

Tommy Smith and John Car won medals wore black gloves to show black power, highlight racial discrimination in America-- athletes suspender for protest

South Africa's invitation to 1968 games was withdrawn due to its apartheid regime


Munich Olympics 1972

Terrorism strikes at the Olympics

overshadowed by Munich massacre
took Isralun athletes and coaches hostage for 18 hours

they demanded Palestinians be realised from Israel prison
they have been involved in a long standing conflict


Moscow Olympics of 1980

US led to boycott of Moscow olympics
Americans boycotted the soviet union


Los AngelesOlympics 1984

USSR retaliate and boycott Los Angeles