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East Germany 1970s

large political push for sporting excellence
strive for excellence - olympic disciplines
systematic doping of young athletes
forced to take performance enhancing drugs


East Germany talent identification programme

1. rigorous testing for athletic potential at age 7
2. children with potential went through regular training those who failed attended normal school
3. at age 10 those selected went to boarding school
4. when leaving school attended national sports centres
5. fro 1972-1988 won 384 olympic gold medals
==== raise profile of East Germany


routes to sporting excellence UK

UK sport and National institutes of sport focus on elite sport and winning medals in international competitions


UK sport

an organisation aim to develop the country's sports people
funded by the government and national lottery


English Institute Of Sport - EIS

organisation responsible for elite athletes
work with coaches and sports administrations to help improve sportspeople performance


British Cycling and UK Athletics

are 2 national governing bodies who work with Uk sport to organise and develop their sports by encouraging participation, supporting coaching


World Class Performance Pathway-- WCCP

talent - podium- potential


WCCP- sports talent identification

to identify talented performers
- world class talent a talent ID scheme run by British rowing
- Pitch to Podium