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Gothic: France

A.D. 1140 - 1300


Amiens Cathedral

in Amiens, France

Gothic: France (A.D. 1140-1300)

  • example of fully developed Gothic cathedral
  • cruciform plan not as emphasized
  • much larger scale than Romanesque
  • 3 part elevation: Arcade, Triforium, Clerestory


Abbey Church of St. Denis

near Paris, France

Gothic: France (A.D. 1140-1300)

  • commissioned by Abbot Suger
  • 2 ambulatories
  • ambiguous chapel/ambulatory
  • walls dematerialized


Chartres Cathedral

at Chartres, France

Gothic: France (A.D. 1140-1300)

  • was rebuilt
  • facade is earlier, rest is rebuilt
  • still are overbuilding (in gothic terms)
  • incredible stained glass


Royal Portal of Chartres Cathedral

Gothic: France (A.D. 1140-1300)

  • compound piers with sculpture on outside (figures from old testament)
  • figures aren't restricted by column (still column-like, but break away)
  • sculpture almost looks like Archaic Greek style


South Portal of Chartres Cathedral

Gothic: France (A.D. 1140-1300)

  • sculpture even more independent than on royal porta
  • even more natural
  • moving towards casual contrapposto stance


Laon Cathedral

at Laon, France

Gothic: France (A.D. 1140-1300)

  • 4-part interior
  • lingering romanesque elements (small windows)
  • columns emphasize longitudinal rather than vertical
  • definitely Gothic, but has rounded elements


Notre Dame de Paris

Paris, France

Gothic: France (A.D. 1140-1300)

  • originally 4-part elevation, later changed to 3
  • lots of sculpture (gargoyles, grotesques)


Reims Cathedral

Gothic: France (A.D. 1140-1300)




at Reims Cathedral

Gothic: France (A.D. 1140-1300)

  • Angle visits Mary, Mary goes to visit cousin Elizabeth
  • gothic sculptures act as religious text
  • vully human, very intimate relationship/interaction portrayed
  • back to Naturalistic, Classical portrayal
  • contrapposto stance, gestures, natural drapery
  • no longer constrained by architecture



at Paris, France

Gothic: France (A.D. 1140-1300)

  • takes notion of Gothic structure and dematerialization to the extreme
  • walls almost fully window
  • not as tall as other cathedrals


God as Creator of the World

from Bible Moralisé (Moralized Bible)

Gothic: France (A.D. 1140-1300)

  • Portrays God as "architect of the world"
  • focus on architecture during Gothic period even evident in manuscript illumination
  • God looks corporeal, stepping out into space