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Prepositions that take the accusative

ad, ante, apud, circum, inter, per, post, prope


Accusative of motion

when there is motion involved in an action, then the accusative is used as oppose to the ablative.

e.g. "Iulius in villam intrat."


Accusative and Infinitive Construction

the direct object of a perception, such as videre or audire, can be combined with an infinitive to express what someone is seen or heard to be doing.


Accusative of Extent of Space

the accusative is used to describe the extent of something, or how long something is.

e.g. "Gladius duos pedes longus est."


Accusative in expression of time and space

denotes the length of time
or the length of space, how much of something.


Accusative of exclamation

exclaims in general about people or things. Exclaiming in general, as oppose to about the specific group of people of things right before, it is accusative as oppose to ablative.