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Indirect object

The indirect object in a sentence dates the dative case.

e.g. "Albinus Lydiae margaritas astendit."

Albinus shows the margaritas(direct object) to Lydia(indirect object)

The key word "to" indicates use of the dative just as the word "of" indicates use of the genitive.


Dative of possession

A different way of expressing to whom something belongs than than using the genitive.

e.g. "Marco una soror est." -> "There is to Marcus one sister."


Dative with intransitive verbs

Verbs such as "imperare" and "parere", which mean to command and to follow or aim for, respectively. The would-be direct object of these verbs takes the dative, since it can't be accusative bc they are intransitive verbs.


Dative of Interest

Denotes the person concerned, benefited or harmed.

e.g. "Bracchium quoque dolet Quinto." -> "The arm also hurts TO Quintus."

Here the key word "to" with the dative is once again seen.