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3rd declension accusative singular and plural (masc and fem)

-em, -es


3rd declension genitive singular and plural (masc and fem)

-is, -(i)um


3rd declension dative endings, singular and plural (masc and fem)

-i, -ibus


3rd declension ablative endings, singular and plural (masc and fem)

-e, -ibus


3rd declension endings for nominative singular and plural (masc and fem)

Either have no ending, end in -is, -es, or -s.

Plural is definitely -es


The genitive plural has 2 possible endings (3rd declension): what are these two endings and what determines which one to use?

-ium and -um.

Consonant-stems. Nouns with no ending in the nominative have -um in the genitive plural

I-stems. Nouns in -is, -es, -s will have -ium endings in the genitive plural


What is assimilation?

When a verb is joined together with a prefix. This prefix will add some extra meaning to the verb.

For example, joining (or assimilating) ad and currit together produces accurrit, which means "run to"


What nouns have no ending?

Nouns like pastor, arbor, sol, or none of the other endings we know. And canis!!


Nouns that end in s, like mons will add what word with their stem when conjugated?

A "t," so in the genitive singular mons would be montis