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Our departments main focus on haz mat incidents are: (3)

Assessing the Hazard
Notifications of the proper agencies
Provide measures to minimize the effects of a hazard


The first arriving Company is responsible for providing: (3)

1. Initial Size up
2. Initiating the ICS Procedures
3. Taking necessary actions


Who is responsible for complete assessment of the immediate hazard, providing the IC with technical assistance, and conducting or coordinating measures to minimize the effects of the hazard on personnel, the environment, and property?

Haz Mat Squad


When dealing with HAZMAT incidents, the priorities of this department are?

1. Protection of life
2. Protection of the environment
3. Protection of property and equipment


Under no circumstances shall a person pass from the Exclusion Zone to the Support Zone on a Haz Mat Incident, unless they have first passed through, and been decontaminated within a separate distinct?

Contamination Reduction Zone


First responders shall not enter the ______ _____ unless a life threatening situation dictates a decision to effect a rescue.

Exclusion Zone


Unless immediate threat of life loss, entry into the Exclusion Zone shall not be made until; (7)

1. Trained Haz Mat Squad are present with sufficient man power to provide entry teams of two or more with back up.
2. CRZ has been established
3. Site Characterization has been made.
4. Action Plan Developed
5. Safety Officer has been assigned
6. PM Squad is onscene
7. All Support Units are in place


All Haz Mat's will be managed using ______ command.



The minimum Haz Mat Unified Command will include participants from? (3)

County Health Department
Local Law Enforcement


The Command Post for a Haz Mat incident will be located uphill, upwind, and will be large enough to accommodate the resources necessary for ________?

Unified Command


The ___________ IC will assume all duties and responsibilities of scene manager on all off highway Haz Mat incidents.

Fire Department


The ____________ agency will be scene manager at all on highway incidents.

Law Enforcement


Who is responsible for all cleanup of Haz Mat incidents?

Dept. of Health Services


The responsibility for enforcement of hazardous waste laws falls upon?

Fire Dept.
Law Enforcement
Health Services
District Attorney


All personnel and equipment involved in a haz mat incident will be checked for contamination by the ________ before being released from the scene.

Health Officer


Standard Haz Mat Response is?

2 Engines
Haz Mat Task Force
PM Squad


Strategic Priorities:
In order to meet the strategic priorities adopted by the Department, all haz mat incidents will be managed using a standardized tactical approach.

1. Size Up
2. Request Assistance
3. Rescue
4. Isolation of Material
5. Evacuation
6. Person Responsible
7. Material Identification


The __________ and __________ will be requested on all haz mat incidents.

Local Law Enforcement
Health Department


If the decision to effect a rescue upon arriving at a haz mat incident, what must be done?

Pass command to a higher ranking officer, or a specific officer on assisting company.


Whenever practical a rescue plan will be formulated, and rescue teams briefed, and shall identify at minimum? (4)

1. Boundaries of the exclusion zone
2. Location of the Safe Refuge Areas within the EZ
3. Location of the CRZ outside of the EZ
4. Location of Access Control Points into and out of these zones


Rescue Team Leaders are responsible for providing the IC with on going ____ reports.



Egress from the EZ into the CRZ by victims and rescue personnel shall be through?

Access Control Points


If a victim must be moved prior to the establishment of a Contamination Reduction Zone, they shall be moved to a pre determined ________ within the EZ where they can remain until the establishment of a CRZ.

Safe Refuge Area


If the Initial rescue efforts results in the death or serious injury to first in rescue personnel, no further rescue operations will be attempted until the arrival of?

Haz Mat Squad


Isolation of the material:
The IC shall establish a basic operational area which includes an ____ Zone, and a ______ Zone with designated "Access Control Points" between each zone.

Exclusion and a Support


The perimeter of the Exclusion Zone (in no case) should be less than ____ ft. from the leading edge of the material.



The responsibility for evacuation usually rests with the local____ ____ agency.

Law Enforcement


A seperate and distinct ____ ____ ____ shall be established between the EZ, and the Support Zone whenever decontamination procedures are anticipated.



If the IC decides to evacuate, he should plan? (4)

1. Area to be evacuated
2. The priorities of the evacuation
3. Access and egress routes
4. Location of evacuation shelters


Specific ID of the materials involved are primarily the responsibility of?

HAZ MAT Squad.