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What are the 3 reporting formats?

1. Size Up
2. Follow Up
3. Status


Structure Fire Size Up must include? (4)

1. Location of fire by address
2. Products of combustion
3. Numerical floor by height and type of occupancy
4. Special instructions if needed


Brush Fire Size Up must include (6)

1. Location of fire by address or intersection
2. Size of fire in acres
3. Type of fuel
4. Speed of spread
5. Spread direction
6. Special instructions if needed


Haz Mat Size Up must include (4)

1. Location of incident by address or intersection
2. Type of occupancy or carrier transporting has mat
3. Type of material involved. Moving or static
4. Incident with or without fire


Multi Casualty Incident Size Up must include (3)

1. Location of incident by address or intersection
2. Type of incident
3. Estimated Number of Victims


Follow Up Report I.C. will include (6)

1. Identify the incident with a one or two syllable geographic name
2. Identify the I.C. post location
3. State other pertinent info
4. State the Check In Location, and travel routes
5. On incidents requiring 2 or more Divisions the IC may request command frequency assignment from LA
6. Provide status reports to LA when requesting additional resources and at 30 -45 minute intervals


Status Reports
The I.C. needs what info from his Division or Group supervisors to evaluate if the if the goals and objectives are being achieved in the IAP (3)

1. Situation: Describe problems and related info
2. Progress: State progress since last report
3. Needs: Resource needs for handling the problem


When 2 fire fighters are assigned to the same company they must identify themselves by:

1. Unit, Rank, and Last Name


IAP: A basic IAP is not complete unless it includes: (3)

1. A clear definition of goals and objectives
2. Time Limits
3. An ordered sequence of events