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The 1st arriving Company Officer: Is responsible for? (4)

1. Initial Size up
2. ICS Initial start up
3. Taking necessary Action
4. Providing for personnel Safety


The Safety Officer shall provide the safety message for?

Incident Action Plan. (IAP)


Company Officers are responsible for reporting their holding positions, Following ____ procedures, maintaining unity, providing safety briefings, and for completing their assignments.

Check In


When dealing with HIGH RISE incidents, the priorities of this department are: (3)

1. Protection of life
2. Incident stabilization through fire control.
3. Property/Environmental protection and conservation


Elevators should not be used for?

Initial investigation.


Elevators should not be used as a logistics transport until deemed safe by the __



The responsibility for the use of elevators rest with the ___



Additional Alarms: When the IC is requesting additional resources at the scene of a High Rise fire, the IC shall direct C&C to respond these resources to a _______ location, (usually ____) and will designate a directional route of travel to that location.

Check In


The Tactical Priorities? (4)

1. Investigation, Rescue, Fire Attack, Property Conservation.
2. Ensure Adequate water supply
3. Gain control of building systems (Lobby Control), (HVAC), and fire protection systems
4. Gain control of the floors above and below the fire.


1st arriving company shall: (5)

1. Radio Size Up
2. Investigation/initial action rescue/Fire Attack
3. Water Supply
4. Pass Command to 2nd in company
5. Communicate location, conditions, and needs


2nd arriving company shall: (4)

1. Assume command
2. Establish Lobby Control
3. Request and assign additional resources
4. Support the investigation rescue/fire attack teams as requested


3rd arriving company has:

1. Water supply & Manpower


4th arriving company:

Establish Base & Manpower


Additional Companies:



The first arriving squad shall: (2)

1. Prepare for a Medical Group/Branch as needed
2. Manpower


The first arriving BC:

Assume the duties of the IC


The second arriving BC shall:

May be assigned as a Divisions Supervisor on the fire floor


The 3rd in BC may be assigned:

Logistics Chief


The 4th in BC may be assigned:

May be assigned as Divisions Supervisor on the floor above the fire.


The 1st in AC:

Assume the duties of the IC. and keep the first in BC at the command post to be utilized at the descretion of the IC


Command: The 1st arriving Officer shall pass command to the 2nd arriving officer and relay the following: (4)

1. Annunciator Panel Info
2. Elevator Status
3. The route of accent into the building by the fire attack crews (include stairwell, location and identification)
4. Any Pertinent information


Specific Operations: 1st Alarm Assignment Incident Command:

1. Establish a Command Post
2. Determine the adequacy of resources
3. Communicate follow up and status reports with command and control
4. Order additional resources as needed
5. Gain control of the fire building systems including the Standpipe, and HVAC
6.Maintain necessary Re-Stat/Sit-Stat records
7. Provide for ICS Positions


Specific Operations, 1st Alarm Assignments Initial Investigation/ Rescue/Fire Attack: (5)

1. Communicate a standard radio size up report
2. Gain Entry to the Fire Control Room and/or lobby area
3. Pass Command
4. Check conditions on the fire floors
5. Take necessary actions and communicate needs to the I.C.


Specific Operations, 1st Alarm Assignment Initial Investigation/Rescue/Fire Attack, When gaining entry to the Fire Control Room and/or Lobby area, perform the following task:(4)

1. Obtain Elevator Keys
2. Call elevators into phase one (Fire Service Recall)
3. Check Annunciator Panel
4. Quickly ascertain any other pertinent information. Identify and enter stairwell and begin ascent


Specific Operations, 1st Alarm Assignment Initial Investigation/Rescue/Fire Attack. When investigating the fire floor check conditions ____ floors below the fire floor for a possible staging area. Check conditions on the fire floor, the floors directly _____ and _____ the reported fire floor and communicate this information to the I.C.



Specific Operations, 1st Alarm Assignment Water Supply Operations. A minimum of ___ engine company apparatus with engineers shall be dedicated to this operation, usually the first in company, and ____ in company.



Water supply operations at buildings utilizing Class I (dry) non cross connected standpipe systems may require additional engine company apparatus assigned to____.



Specific Operations, 1st Alarm Assignment Water Supply Operations: The First In engine company engineer shall spot his apparatus ____ feet of the fire department standpipe connection. Only ____ hose shall be used for the hose lay between the engine company apparatus and the FD connection.

100 ft
2 1/2 inch


Specific Operations, 1st Alarm Assignment Water Supply Operations: If a hydrant is within ___ feet of the apparatus position, the engine company engineer should make every effort to secure a primary water supply from that hydrant.

100 feet


The ____ company engineer shall assist the first in engineer. All fire department connections should be connected to and charged.