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_____ Situation: Involve a current or imminent discharge or release of hazardous material, regardless of cause, that pose an immediate threat to public health and safety or the environment.

Dynamic Situation


_____ Situation: Hazardous Materials incidents that are temporarily contained and / or controlled but may pose a threat to public health/safety or the environment and require mitigation and clean up activities prior to final clearance by HHMD.

Static Situation


The _______ of the Fire Prevention Services Bureau provides investigation, mitigation, clean-up, and enforcement capabilities under the California Health and Safety Code.

Health Haz Mat Division (HHMD)


Officers of HHMD work in close coordination with _____________ to abate hazardous materials incidents by providing knowledge and expertise in risk assessment, mitigation techniques, sample collection, clean up, and enforcement.

Haz Mat Task Force (HMTF)


Dynamic hazardous materials incidents require intervention, mitigation, and clean up by both the HMTF, and _____

(HHMD) Health Haz Mat Division.


Investigations to the cause of an incident, as well as, a criminal investigation when suspected when suspected are the responsibility of the law enforcement, and ______ under the authority of the Health and Safety Code.



The first arriving company is responsible for providing the initial Size up, initiating the ICS, and taking necessary actions appropriate for the demands of the incident which includes a _____ __________.

Site Characterization
This is to identify the existence, source, nature, and extent of hazardous materials release, and to determine the threat to human health or the environment by the release.


As the "Health Officer" for the County, _____ officers retain the statutory authority for investigation, enforcement, clean up, final clearance, and re occupancy.



The _____ ______ is responsible for identifying and evaluating hazards, providing direction with respect to safe operations, and notifying the IC of any actions taken to correct hazards at the incident scene.

Safety Officer


The Safety Officer must coordinate with the HMTF Assistant ____ (ASO) regarding safety concerns.

Safety Officer


The Departments strategic priorities for a hazardous materials incident in order of priority are?

1. Protection of Life
2. Protection of the environment
3. Protection of property and equipment


____ Officers shall act as the only authority for all aspects of clean up and re-occupancy of a building.



All abandoned containers require the response of the ____ for investigation, clean-up, and removal.



Static criminal situations such as identified illegal drug laboratories and suspicious white powder responses may involve?

HHMD and law enforcement only.