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______: A specialty trained canine and a handler, certified by the Governor's Office of Emergency Services as a Canine Search Team:

Canine Search Team (CST)


Whats is CSTIT

Canine Search Team In Training


Who makes the approval and selection of Canine Search Teams and Canine Search Teams In Training?

The Deputy Chief of the Special Operations Bureau


Who is responsible for the management of the CST program?

Technical Operations Section Battalion Chief


The Site Supervisor shall be responsible for:

1. recording in the business journal any information related to the CST or CSTIT
2. Recording incident and non incident related response activities into NFIRS
3. Ensuring that all worksite personnel are aware of the policies and procedures of the CST program.
4. Notifying the jurisdictional BC of the current and future status of the CST when assigned to any incident.


Who is responsible to ensure that all required certifications, licenses and vaccinations for canine are properly maintained.



Emergency contact info for the Canine Handler when they are in on duty shall be kept where?

1. The Jurisdictional BC administrative site office.
2. The Handlers assigned work location.
3. The canine portable enclosure or kennel.


How many Canine Search Teams will the department authorize? And how many CSTIT teams?

4, with 2 CSTIT additional.


Department approved canines, shall not accompany their handler on routine daily duties and assignments away from the administrative site, without specific written approval from the appropriate ____________.

Bureau Deputy Fire Chief


Departmental approval of Canine Search Teams shall be during the month of ______ at the request of the handler?



CST applicants must be recognized and certified by the ___________________________ prior to applying for assignment as one of the Departments CST's.

California State Office of Emergency Services


The Department will reimburse the handler for food and veterinary care. This reimbursement is limited to $_____ per year.



The _____ BC shall assign two Canine Search Teams with the shortest response time to the incident.



If a request comes from an outside agency for our Department C&CBC shall get the ok for our Canine Search Team from?

Special Operations Deputy, or the Duty Chief


If a need arises for the Canine Handlers specialty and they can accept that request while on duty, the ________________ shall be notified.

Jurisdictional BC


The decision to use the canine shall rest with the_________.



Requests for canine demonstrations for public relations purposes shall be through the appropriate ___________________________.

Regional Operations Bureau Community Relations Office.