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What are the 8 Principals of 808.1

1. Contact assigned base whenever possible.
2. Clinical judgement should be exercised in situations not described in the this policy.
3. Children under 3 require base contact and/or transport in accordance with this policy.
4. Thorough documentation is essential especially if not TX/ or contacting base.
5. Circumstances may dictate making base contact enroute to hospital.
6. EMT's shall not cancel paramedic response if patient meets any criteria in Section I; an ALS Unit shall be requested if not already dispatched.
7. In life threatening situations, consider BLS Transport if ALS arrival is longer than transport time.
8. Contact shall be made with the areas trauma center, when it is also a base hospital, on all injured patients meeting Trauma Criteria and/or Guidelines


Section I Base Contact Requirements Are: (17)

1. Signs or symptoms of Shock
2. Full Arrest (Except meeting 814/815/& 821)
3. Chest pain or discomfort.
4. SOB/ Tachypnea
5. PMC/PTC Criteria/Guidelines
6. 5 or more Pt. Req Tx. Contact MAC
8. Suspected Ingestion of poisonous substance
9. Exposure to HAZ MAT with a medical complaint.
10. ABD Pain if reg or suspected pregnant =/> 20wks
11. Childbirth or signs of labor.
12. Suspected femur fracture
13. Facial/neck/electrical or extensive burns (10%/15%/20%)
14. Trauma Criteria/Guidelines
15.Traumatic Crush Syndrome
16. Syncope/LOC/Acute LN symptoms, or s/s of stroke
17. Refusal of transport (AMA) meeting any criteria in Sect. 1


Section II transport Required:

1. Abdominal pain
2. Suspected isolated fx of the hip
3. Abnormal Vag Bleed
4. Suspected allergic reaction
5. Asymptomatic exposure to HazMat (If known for delayed symptoms.
6. GI Bleed
7. Near Drowning
8. Patients who are gravely disabled or danger to themselves or others.


Section III Pediatric Patients:

1. Infants 12 months or less shall be transported, regardless of Chief Complaint and/or mechanism of injury, except meeting 814.
2. Kids 13-36 months of age require base contact and /or transport, except isolated minor extremity injury.
3. If a parent or legal guardian refuses transport (AMA), base contact is required prior to leaving the scene.


Section IV Required Base Contact Criteria for SFTP's:

1. If indicated in the SFTP's
2. For any criteria listed in Section I that is not addressed by SFTP's
3. Whenever consultation with the base hospital is indicated