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what separates the occipital lobes from the cerebellum?

tentorium cerebelli


tentorium cerebelli: what is it fixed to anteriorly and posteriorly?

Fixed to anterior clinoid processes & petrous portion of temporal bone anterior
Fixed to internal surface of occipital bone posterior


what Forms "roof" over pituitary gland and allows passage of infundibulum?

diaphragma sellae


the transverse sinus becomes the sigmoid sinus where? which side of these is usually dominant?

at petrous portion of temporal bone
Left usually dominant


where does the middle meningeal artery enter the cranium?
which branch of middle meningeal artery underlies the pterion?

enters via foramen spinosum
frontal branch


what is the corpus callosum?

thick band of nerve fibers that divides the cerebral cortex lobes into left and right hemispheres. It connects the left and right sides of the brain allowing for communication between both hemispheres.


what are the 3 sulcus that divide the brain into 4 lobes?

Central sulcus
Lateral sulcus
Parieto-occipital sulcus


what connects the two hemispheres of the cerebellum?



what is the course of the internal carotid artery? - where does it enter the cranium (along with what)? where does it enter dura (medial to what? lateral to what?) Then joins...? terminates as? ...

Enters cranium via carotid canal with sympathetic plexus
--> courses Anteromedial in carotid groove of sphenoid
--> lies in Cavernous sinus
- Enters dura medial to anterior clinoid process, lateral to optic chiasm
-Joins cerebral arterial circle (Willis)
-Terminates as anterior & middle cerebral arteries (anterior brain circulation)


what structures cross the interal carotid artery? to enter what?

CN III, IV, & VI cross to enter superior orbital fissure


what do the lateral venous lacunae do?

lateral expansions of superior sinus, drain CSF from subarachnoid space


Plexus of veins bilateral to body of sphenoid, surround internal carotid arteries (cools blood). where do these drain?

cavernous sinuses- drain via superior and inferior petrous sinuses


what are the "leptomeninges"?

arachnoid, arachnoid trabeculae, pia