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what groups are the prevertebral muscles divided into?

anterior and lateral


prevertebral muscles:
deep to ______ _______ of deep cervical fascia.
posterior to __________
anterolateral to _______ _______

Deep to prevertebral sheath of deep cervical fascia
Posterior to cervical viscera & anterolateral to cervical vertebrae


prevertebral muscles are deep to what?
viscera of the neck is deep to what?

prevertebral muscles: Deep to prevertebral sheath of deep cervical fascia
viscera: deep to pretracheal sheath of deep cervical fascia


what are the 3 layers of the viscera in the neck?

named Superficial to deep...
1. Endocrine
2. Respiratory
3. Alimentary


what two things are in the endocrine viscera?

thyroid and parathyroid


what two things are in the respiratory viscera?

larynx and trachea


what two things are in the alimentary viscera?

pharynx and esophagus


prevertebral muscles: anterior group
Medial to plane of _________ & _______
Posterior to ________ _____

Medial to plane of cervical/brachial plexus & subclavian artery
Posterior to retropharyngeal space


prevertebral muscles: anterior group- what is there general function?

flex head and/or neck


prevertebral muscles: what are the 4 in the "anterior" group? which is the most important?

Longus colli muscle
Longus capitis muscle
Rectus capitis-anterior muscle
*Anterior scalene muscle - most important of the group


prevertebral muscles: lateral group
posterior to plane of _________ & ____________
form floor of what triangle?

Posterior to plane of cervical/brachial plexus & subclavian artery
Form floor of posterior triangle


prevertebral muscles: lateral group- what is their general fxn?

laterally flex neck


what 5 muscles make up the "lateral" prevertebral group

Splenius capitis
Levator scapulae
Rectus capitis-lateralis
*Posterior scalene
*Middle scalene


which two lateral prevertebral muscles are often fused together?

posterior and middle scalene


what are the boundaries of the "scalene triangle" ?

Bounded by anterior/middle scalenes & 1st rib


what runs through the scalene triangle?

C5-T1 ventral rami: “Roots” of brachial plexus
3rd part of subclavian artery
Phrenic nerve (at apex & crosses anterior scalene)


what is the thyroid gland fxn ? what cells does it target?

Largest purely endocrine gland
Controls metabolic rate & calcium metabolism (vestigial)
Targets all cells except itself, spleen, testes, & ovaries


thyroid: deep to what 2 things? superficial to what 2 things?

Deep to sternothyroid & sternohyoid (infrahyoid muscles)
Superficial to cricoid & upper tracheal rings


R & L lobes of thyroid united by isthmus anterior to _____ tracheal rings

2nd/3rd tracheal rings


____% of people have midline pyramidal lobe - remnant of what?

- remnant of descent of thyroid from tongue


superior thyroid artery: it is the __ branch of what artery? what does it run with?

1st branch of external carotid
Runs with external branch of superior laryngeal nerve


superior thyroid artery supplies what?
external branch of superior laryngeal nerve supplies what?

sup. thyroid artery: anterosuperior thyroid gland
sup. laryngeal nerve: cricothyroid muscle


inferior thyroid artery: branch of what? what does it course posterior to?

Inferior thyroid artery-branch of thyrocervical trunk
Courses posterior to carotid sheath


inferior thyroid artery supplies what?

posteroinferior thyroid gland


inferior thyroid artery is closely assoc. with what nerve?

recurrent laryngeal nerve


what artery do only 10% of people have ( it is variable in origin and supplies isthmus)?

thyroid ima artery


when ligating arteries to take out the thyroid: where do you want to ligate superior and inferior?

superior thyroid artery: ligate CLOSE to gland (save external branch of sup. laryngeal nerve)
inferior thyroid artery: ligate AWAY from gland (save recurrent laryngeal nerve)


why is saving the external branch of sup laryngeal nerve so important?

- only nerve that supplies the cricothyroid muscle, which helps singer's hit high notes.


what are the 3 thyroid veins?

superior, middle and inferior


thyroid veins:
Superior-travel with _________, drain to ____
Middle-parallel _________, drain to ______
Inferior-independent, drain to ________ _____.

Superior-travel with sup. thyroid artery, drain to IJV
Middle-parallel inferior thyroid artery, drain to IJV
Inferior-independent, drain to brachiocephalic veins