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What is the Human Development Index?

life expectancy, mean no. of school years and GDP


What is the happy planet index?

combines ecological footprint with life expectancy, not economic


What is human capital?

the skills, knowledge and experience possessed by an individual/population viewed in terms of their value


Why is education the necessity towards development?

Basic hygenie + healthcare/ Ways to control family size/ 21st century rights and how to be involved in decision making


In the Sahel how many children are illiterate?

30 milllion


Why are there differences in development in the developing world?

Lack of food, poor sanitation, high infant mortality and lack of clean water


How many people don't have enough to eat?



What is the life expectancy in Ethiopia compared to in the UK?

64 compared to 81


Why are there differences in development in the developed world?

Differences in lifestyle (e.g. diet)
Differences in deprivation
Cost and effectiveness of healthcare


How have the role of IGO's changed?

Was: emphasised on privatisation, deregulation and free trade
Now: more socialist theories, emphasis on environment, health, education and human rights


Name 3 examples of the Millennium Development Goals?

eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
reduce child mortality
achieve universal primary education


By 2015 what proportion of people in the developing world living on less than $1.25 per day fall by?



How many people in 2013 were living on less than $1.25 per day?

836 million


How many children received a measles vaccination between 2000 and 2013?

84%, preventing an estimated 15.6 million deaths


In 2015 what did primary enrolment reach?

91% but 57 million primary school children are still not attending school and gender balance is still unequal in Africa


What are human rights?

moral principles that underlie standards of human behaviour, to which a person is entitled to simply because they are human


What are the human rights laws?

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, European Convention of Human Rights, Geneva Convention


Describe the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Formed in 1948 in response to the atrocities in Nazi Germany, not legally binding.
+everyone has these rights
- rights can be broken with no consequences


Describe European Convention of Human Rights

In response to WW11 and post war spread of communism
+EU have to follow it
- controversial (undermining national sovereignty)
- extremely time consuming


Describe the Geneva Convention

Protects people not taking part in conflict during times of armed conflict
+protection against civilians, medical workers, prisoners of war
-not all countries agree and will follow


What methods are there of geopolitical intervention?

Military aid, development aid, military action, trade embargos


How much bilateral aid does the UK provide?

0.7% of gross national income ( around £11.2 billion in 2013)


What are the advantages and disadvantages of development aid?

+ transfers skills and expertise
+better than bottom up
- UK donated £86.8 million to Somalia (the most corrupt nation in the world)
-Interest rates cause major debt


What are the advantages and disadvantages of military aid?

+syrian refugees accepted from Jordon
+ US renewed a 5 year aid package to Jordon, proving $300 million to military finance
-Aid given of political reasons to gain influence
-Takes a long time for political and cultural change


What did the war in Afghanistan result from following 9/11?

Osama Bin Laden killed on 2nd May 2011
Democracy instilled
Improved women rights and schooling


What are the advantages and disadvantages of military action?

+reduces terrorist threat
+there have been success in improving human rights
- Guantanamo Bay violates against the Geneva Convention
-human rights record of those intervening is questionable


What are trade embargos?

Foreign policies or laws that ban exports to and imports from a country in protest against actions by that country
Military arms are banned from export when there are concerns regarding human rights


What are the advantages and disadvantages of trade embargos?

+regime change
+change attributes
-less money generated for the country
-diplomatic fallout
-rich countries get richer, poor get poorer


What percentage of oil has been stolen from the Niger Delta?



How much do the Niger Delta loose from the stolen oil?

$20 billion