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What do heating hot water systems do?

Provide hot water for VAV RH boxes and main heating coils in AHUs


How to condensing boilers work?

They use the condensing of water vapor in the flue gas to increase heat transfer/efficiency of the boiler


What are the other components of a HHW system

Pumps (for boiler and building) coils (VAV RH and AHU) Cold Start Vale (for non-condensing) and chemical pot feeder.


Why does your boiler need minimum FLOW?

To prevent overheating or boiling


Why does your boiler have minimum & maximum TEMP?

Max temp 190F to prevent boiling. Min temp in non-condensing boilers only is to prevent condensing.


What are instrumentation and controls for boilers?

Flow (switch and meter). Temp and DP sensors.


What is a cold start valve do?

Maintains minimum return temp to boiler