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What is DX (Direct Expansion)?

Refers to the expansion of the refrigerant as it evaporates from liquid to vapor inside the cooling coil


What are common DX Systems?

Package Unit, Split System, VRF, PTAC, & WSHPs


What is a Package Unit?

A unit in which all components of the refrigeration cycle are contained in one package, always outdoors and often on the roof.


What is a Split System?

A system in which the components of the refrigeration cycle are split between the indoor unit (fan coil unit) and outdoor unit (condensing unit).


How does a Chilled Water System work?

Chilled water is distributed throughout the building to cooling coils at air handling units or fan coil units to cool the supply air that is delivered to the occupied spaces.


How does a Chiller work?

A chiller uses an internal refrigeration cycle to produce chilled water.