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What are Gas Furnaces?

A gas/electric package unit (AKA gas-pack) where gas is used for heating and electricity is used for cooling.


What is a Heat Pump?

Any DX system that has a reversing valve to allow it to provide both cooling and heating


What is a WSHP?

Water source heat pumps (WSHPs) are heat pumps that are connected to condenser water piping and allow heat to be rejected through a cooling tower during cooling.


Where are WSHPs commonly found?

In high-rise residential buildings where tenants are sub-metered and billed for their HVAC energy use. They are also found in medium size projects that want the energy efficiency of a water-cooled system but not the higher first cost of a chiller plant.


How is Heating Hot Water Produced and what EQ does it serve?

HHW is produced by a boiler and is distributed throughout the building. HHW is circulated in AHU's FCUs or VAVRHs


What is a standard or non-condensing boiler?

Standard, or non-condensing, boilers operate at 80-84% efficiency, with the wasted heat being lost primarily up the flue.


How does a condensing boiler work?

Condensing boilers pre-heat the incoming water through an internal heat exchanger to re-capture most of the waste heat going up the flue creating more condensation.