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Dead Leg

A section of piping in the domestic hot water system that is not being circulated.


GI (Grease Interceptor)

Treatment device to separate grease from the waste stream prior to entering the sanitary sewer.


IW (Indirect Waste)

A waste pipe which does not connect directly with the building drainage system, but discharges into a properly trapped and vented fixture or receptacle with an air gap.


Recovery Capacity

The amount of hot water (usually in GPH) that a water heater can produce
at a specific temperature rise.


Temperature Rise or Delta T (∆T)

The temperature of water as it leaves the water heater minus the temperature of water entering the water heater.


Water Column (W.C.)

This refers to the amount of pressure it takes to raise
a column of water 1 inch.


What is the normal pressure that natural gas is
delivered unless otherwise specified?

7" w.c. about 1/4 PSI.


How many inches of w.c. are there in 1 PSI of pressure?



What is a GRD? and where are they installed?

Grease removal device removes FOG from the interceptor. Typically installed under a sink or counter top for a single point of use. These devices are small and should be emptied daily.


What is a hydromechanical grease interceptor (HGI)? and where is it typically installed?

Are used for 1-2 fixtures on average and also allow the capture of a floor drain or floor sink. Installed in the floor of the dishwashing area or other area away from food handling areas.


What is a gravity grease interceptor (GI) and where is it installed?

Are typically used in large scale kitchens/Cafes with multiple sources of grease laden waste.