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Portal Venous System

These vessels connect one bed of capillaries to another, DO NOT transport blood back to the heart
Found only in the liver and pituitary gland


Hepatic Portal System of veins

Connect capillary beds of the stomach, intestines, spleen and pancrease to those in the liver
Processing all the blood finally in the liver


Superior Mesenteric Vein

Drain small intestine, cecum, and the large intestine, to about mid point of the transverse colon


Inferior Mesenteric Vein

Drains remainder of the colon and rectum
Passes behind the pancreas and connects with the Splenic Vein


Splenic vein

Joined by the interior mesenteric vein at the liver The splenic vein passes behind the stomach


The hepatic portal vein

Formed by the union of the superior mesenteric, inferior mesenteric and splenic veins.
Receives right and left gastric veins from the stomach
Divides into many branches in the liver


Hepatic Veins

Drain the liver and empty into the inferior vena cava as it passes through the diaphragm.