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Name the glial cells?

astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, schwann cells, ependymal cells, satellite cells of ganglia


What are Ependymal cells

columnar shaped cells that line the spinal cord and ventricle -> have cilia on apical surface to aid CSF flow, NOT epithelial cells - lack a basal laminar


What are Nissl bodies?

granular body of rough ER and ribosomes in the cell body of neurons - site of protein systems


What are astrocytes, what do they do?

glial cells. Passive actions: neurotransmitter uptake and degradation, K homeostasis, neuronal energy supply, maintainance of BBB, Injury response and recovery. Active roles: modulation of blood flow (constriction of capillaries), excitable (ca transients) so modulate neuronal function


What initiates glial cell excitability?

calcium waves triggers by neurotransmitters, trauma, spontaneous, inflammatory mediators


What are oligodendrocytes? what do they do?

Glial cells that wrap around and insulate parts of multiple axons in the CNS


What are Schwann cells and what do they do?

glial cells that act like oligodendrocytes in the PNS but wrap around and insulate a single axon


What are microglia?

Phagocytic cells of the CNS - constantly survey the CNS to ensure synapses are working ok and respond to injury and play a role in development


What are the layers of collagenous tissue within a nerve?

single axon+schwann cell are covered by endoneurium, multiple fibres are surrounded by perineurium making a fasicle, multiple fascicles are surrounded by epineurium = peripheral nerve


What is a ganglia? what are the 2 types?

collection of cell bodies of neurons outside of the CNS, Sensory and autonomic ganglia