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What were the main causes of the Great Depression?

Overproduction and over expansion by the businesses
- supplies were stock piled (ex newspaper)
- slow production
- workers were laid off as a result

Canada's dependence on a few primary products
-wheat, fish, pulp, minerals and paper
-when these products are no longer needed Canada's economy is in trouble

Canada's dependence on the U.S.
- when the American economy collapsed, Canadians lost their most important trading partner

High tariffs cut off international trade
- Canada US and Europe put high taxes on goods coming into their country which no one wanted to pay. This slowed trade.

Too much credit buying
Buy now-pay later
It was had for people to pay their debt because they didn't have jobs, and couldn't pay the bills

Too much credit buying of stocks
-burrowing money to buy stocks
-When the stock market did not go back up no one could pay their debts

Drought of prairie provinces


What did the Great Depression cause people to do?

It caused people's lifestyles to change and providing the basic necessities was difficult.
There was no ,only for extra spending.


What does on the dole mean?

It is a place funded by the government where people go to get food and gas for their families because they cannot afford it.


What is a relief camp?

A place where single unemployed men could go to work and live. They are given the necessities and barely made any money.


What was the dust bowl?

When the weather in the prairies was terrible. There were droughts dust and grasshopper blizzards thorough out the year.


What is riding the rods?

When men rode trains under the rods because they didn't have a job and wanted to go to a different town for a fresh start. They also camped out at train stations.


How did Bennett try and help Canadians?

He provided $20 million to people out of work
He sent money to the people asking him for help in letters.
He tried to copy FDR's new deal plan to help end the Great Depression but people were confused what he was doing and he did not get re elected


What did Bennett not believe in?

He did not believe in the dole or relief programs for citizens


What were some differences from FDR's new deal and Bennett's new deal?

FDR did not do anything about working conditions.
Bennett did not put a guarantee on bank deposits.
They are mostly the same though.


Why did people not want to vote Bennett back in?

He didn't really help with the issues of the Great Depression, people thought he was copying FDR he didn't believe in these conditions then changed his mind, people thought he was just trying to get votes.


What are the three political parties at this time?

The Alberta social credit Union
Co-operative Commonwealth Federation
Union Nationale


Who runs the Alberta Social Credit Movement?
What is their main idea?
What do they want to accomplish?
Where are they based in?

William Aberhart
To give $25 a month to every citizen
To get rid of unemployment and to put money in circulation.


Who runs the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation? (CCF)
What is their main idea?
Where are they based in?

J.S. Woodsworth
To provide for people as a whole (socialism)


Who runs the Union Nationale?
What do they want to accomplish?
Where are they based in?

Maurice Duplessis
To improve French-Canadian rights (preserve language and religion)