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How did the Cold War impact Canada?

The climate of fear.
-communism replaced fascism as the government to be feared
-Many people had bomb shelters in their backyard
-Everyone was looking for communists in their neighbourhood.

Gouzenko Affair
Egor Gouzenko worked at the Soviet Union embassy in Ottawa
He gave the government information on the SU in exchange to being a refugee.


What were some Cold War crises? (3)

Korean War
Canadians fought in Korea
Vietnam war
Canada was not in the war but supported the USA
Suez crisis
the British and Egyptians were fighting over the Suez Canal
Peacekeepers stopped the two sides.


What were some security efforts taken during Cold War? (4)

-NATO vs. Warsaw
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Defence pack for democracies
The Warsaw Pact is the communist defense pact
North American air defence
Use the DEW line to their advantage
Canada has the protection from the US
Canada gave the US control of their airspace
-The UN was created
-The Universal declaration of human rights
was adapted by the United Nations


Why was Life in Canada "the good life"? (6) after the Cold War

Baby boom
fashion trends


How did Canada become multicultural?

Discrimination was eliminated on ethnicity religion or national origin
The Canadian council ruled that Canada should be multicultural
The immigration act eliminated most discrimination from the process of immigration


What was the social safety net?

The government created a safety net to catch Canadians who fell economically
tax dollars from Richer provinces shared with poor provinces so everyone could access somewhere public services
Unemployment insurance
old age security


What were the changes for women? (Cold War)

Women were working but not treated as equals
Lower pay, fewer promotions
Women now get equal pay
Availability of the pill and other contraceptions
Delayed marriage, paid maternity leave,
Leads to increased demand for daycare


What was the quiet Revolution and why was it called this?

People in Quebec that wanted separation from Canada
It was called the quiet Revolution because it was not publicized


What was the bi and bi commission?

Created by Lester Pearson to examine the state of the French and English languages in Canada

The official languages act was passed and French and English became the official languages


Who was the FLQ and what did they do?

The goal of the FLQ was to achieve independence for Quebec.
They did this by being violent including bombings robberies kidnapping and killings


What was the October crisis?

Pierre Laporte and James cross were both kidnapped. The FLQ wanted many things to release them.
The war measures act was put into place.
Pierre Laporte showed up dead a few days later.