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When was the spartacist uprising?

January 1919


When was the kapp putsch?

March 1920


When was the Munich putsch?

November 1923


What was the impact of war on Germany by 1918? (Economic reasons)

600,000 widows
2million children without fathers
1/3 of the states budget was on war pensions
National income was a third of what it had been in 1913
Industrial production was 2/3 of what it had been


What was the impact of war on Germany by 1918? (Social reasons)

There were huge gaps in living standards between the rich and poor
Women were called up to work in factories and many thought this was damaging to traditional values


What was the impact of war on Germany by 1918? (Political reasons)

Dolschtoss myth


What were the key factors for the treaty of Versailles? (In terms of blame)

Germany had to take responsibility for the war and they could not join the newly set up League of Nations until they proved they were a peaceful loving country.


What were the key factors for the treaty of Versailles? (In terms of military)

Germany were not allowed any submarines, tanks or an airforce. Also Saarland had to be demilitarised.
They were only allowed 100,000 men in the army and conscription was banned. Was only allowed 6battleships and 15,000 sailors


What were the key factors for the treaty of Versailles? (In terms of money)

Germany had to pay £6600million in reparations


What were the key factors for the treaty of Versailles? (In terms of territory)

They lost:
13% of all land (15% was farm land)
10% industry
16% coal fields
48% of their iron production
12.5% (6million) people
Saarland to League of Nations for 15 years


Which article of the treaty blamed Germany for the war?

Article 231


When was the treaty put in place?



Who are the spartacists?

Extreme left wing party (communist) who wanted to overthrow the Weimar government.


When was hyperinflation?

November 1923


What were stresemanns policies?

The rentenmark 1923
The daws plan 1924
USA loans
Young plan1929
Lacarno pact 1925
Joined League of Nations 1926
Kellogg brand pact 1928


What is the young plan?

The reparations bill was reduced from £6600 m to £1850 m and Germany was given 59 years to pay


How did the nazi party change between the years 1924-29?
(List 4)

Better organisation
Strong leadership
Reform of SA
Creation of SS
Creation of hitter youth
New groups of voters targeted
Financial support


When was the wall St crash?

October 1929


How did the wall St crash effect Germany?

Production halved
6million unemployed by 1933
1/3 of the population supported by dole
Democracy was dying
Weimar too scared to print more money therefore had to raise taxes
6million new members of communist party


How did the Weimar deal with the situation in Germany between 1929-33?

Cut pensions for war victims
Chancellor bruning cut back on welfare benefits (was named the hunger chancellor). He stopped paying reparations and set up work schemes to give people jobs.
There were 4 chancellors in 4 years


When was the reichstag fire?

27th feb 1933


How many people died on 29-30th June 1934 (night of the long knives)?

About 400 people


When was the reichstag fire?

27th feb 1933


How many people were killed on the night of the long knives (29-30th June)?

Around 400


How did the nazis reduce unemployment between 1933 and 1939?

The labour service (was compulsory for all men aged 18-25 to serve for 6months)
Job creation schemes
Invisible unemployment
Rearmament (conscription was reintroduced in1935)


How many men were in the army in 1939?



How did nazis change the lives of women?

1933 law encouraged women to leave their job as they were given a loan. Every child means they were exempt from repaying 1/4 of the loan
Some women were forcibly sterilised
Lebensborn programme
Women were told to stick to the three k's : kinder, kuche, and kitchen (children kitchen and church).
Nazis sacked 15% of women teachers


What was the lebensborn programme?

Encouraged specially chosen unmarried women to donate a baby to the fuhrer by becoming pregnant by racially pure ss men


How many people were in the hitter youth by 1935?



When did it become compulsory to join the hitler youth?