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Jesus’ teaching on the Holy Spirit - John 14-16 teaches on the person of the HS - teaching on the person of the Holy Spirit

-Jesus was the original Comforter..
-HS takes the place of Jesus.. carrying out those responsibilities
-HS light, Your Word is truth jn 17:17
-Jesus = the Word = the HS of Truth
-Father & Son send the HS
-HS submissive to the Father & Son


Jesus’ teaching on the Holy Spirit - John 14-16 teaches on the person of the HS - teaching on the work of the Holy Spirit

-HS would teach the disciples all things
-HS bears witness to Jesus
-guides them in all of the truth - glorifies Jesus
-john 17 - concerning sin, judgement,
-Spirit will convict/prove people to be in the wrong, to underscore ones guiltiness to convince of error/sinfulness
HS will convince those hostile to God of their wrongness
-John is the gospel of belief -20:31 - purpose of which he has written - that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ - the Son of God.. that you may have life in his name - johns gospel is the gospel of belief - be rescued from our desperate situation
-john 3:18 don’t believe in Jesus already convicted
-don’t believe in Jesus = condemned


Holy Spirit will

convict the world that they are wrong.. show their self-righteousness.. show it its falseness of the worlds judgement so we come under the judgment of God


What do the Jews base their righteousness on?

1. Jews base their righteousness on how much they're in the temple; Jesus cleaned the temple
2. Jews based their righteousness on falling the law of Moses
3. Jews based their righteousness on keeping the sabbath and their regulations


Jesus the light - Spirit

takes over this role


Holy Spirit will convict world of their

false or worldly judgements john 7:24; 8:16


His judgement is

true; righteous; the worlds is screwed, wrong false, sinful


-the rule of this world is judged; all false judgment is ultimately connected to _____; John 8:44 -



Satan is a murder - nothing to do with the truth - no truth in him; lier- the ___________ - spurs forth destruction all world judgment comes from him; Satan already judged by the cross - so to is his false judgement
-follow him with their false judgment
-his story with his legalist pastor - Zeke needed Jesus bc he's a loser and i don't because I'm good w God bc i go to church -

father of lies


other teachings

a. blasphemy against the Holy Spirit =

unusually malicious, willful rejection and slander against the Spirits work of attesting to Christ -


other teachings
john 3-7 regeneration by the Holy Spirit - water and the Spirit -
no water baptism, not physically, not the fluid in the amino sack
ezekiel. 36:25-27 - Jesus is picking up on this imagery - sprinkling to

cleanse us from sins - the giving of a new heart- placing the HS in believers - about giving us a new nature


one of the most important events of the history of the world - catechism event - apocalyptic imagery

Pentecost and the descent of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1-21, 33)


Pentecost and the descent of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1-21, 33) it is...

1. it is the beginning of the fulfillment of OT prophesies (Joel, Obadiah)
2. it is the beginning of the fulfillment of the words of John the Baptist - one coming who s fighter than I
3. it is the beginning of the fulfillment Jesus’ own promises - the Spirit is with you but he will b in you - wait in the city till u receive the promise from the Father
4. it is the inauguration and birthday of the church - new covenant made - prophecy made, Spirit descends, result is? church of Jesus Christ - throw a party - when church was born
5. this event is covered with tangible miraculous signs - sound of a rushing roaring wind - astonished to find out whats going on


two things happened at the first pentecost?

1. speaking in tongues - rehearse the mighty works of God in languages they've never heard; talking in languages they had never heard before - dramatic event - the crowd/ the disciples are amazed - disciples found themselves to be baptized with the HS - filled w the HS
2. disciples were given dynamic power for ministry (boldness to preach the gospel ,courage to face persecution, dedication for holy living, spiritual gifts to serve Christ, love for one another -


every believer since pentecost has

not experience the unique historical moment of pentecost - but has the blessing of the HS - particular place particular time - in God’s outworking of salvation - marks the demise of the old covenant and the coming of the new covenant - never to be repeated again


differences between the old covenant and new covenant experiences of the Holy Spirit

key differences (5)

1. the NC experience the permanent presence of the HS, rather than His anointing (that could be withdraw because of persist or hanus sin (story of russian person being amazed that HS is permanent presence
2. experience the indwelling of the HS (more intimate), rather than his close proximity
3. HS poured out on all believers rather than a select group of leaders
4. HS is for jews and gentiles a like - poured out on both - in the OC is Israelites only - some that would attach themselves as prostate to them
5. Spirit is characteristic of the new covenant work in the church - spirit really come stop the for front here


OC vs NC vs Jesus comes back HS

more extensive and intense in NC then OC -will be even more , in full when Jesus comes back
- pales in comparison to what is to come - now we have salvation in part - we have the blessings in part - we have power over sin in part - now we have the work of the HS in part - then when Christ comes we will have salvations in its fullness we will have the blessings of God in their fullness, power over sin in their fullness - work of the HS in its fullness


the Holy Spirit’s ministry today

1. the start and finish of salvation - responsibility of the HS
2. works related to assurance/perseverance
3. sanctifying ministry
4. other particular ministries of the Holy Spirit


the Holy Spirit’s ministry today

the start and finish of salvation - responsibility of the HS

3 things here

1. Spirit convicts the world of sin (specifically the sin of unbelief, self-rightousness, reliance on our own good deeds)
John 16:8-11
2. Spirit brings about regeneration (gone with the old, in with the new) - new identity-
John 3:3-5; Titus 3:5-6; 1 Corinthians 6:11 -
3. Spirit will give us our new resurrected glorified bodies.
Romans 8:11
bodies transformed


the Holy Spirit’s ministry today

works related to assurance/perseverance

3 things here

1. The inner-witness of the Holy Spirit
Romans 8:16- the HS bears witness to our spirit that we truly are sons and daughters of God - true conviction of belonging to Jesus Christ
1 John 3:24, 4:13 - by this we know that Go live sin us because he has given u the Spirit - we belong to him
Galatians 4:6 - recognize through the HS that God is our Father- Abba Father - prompted by the HS - Spirit seals us - receive the fullness of our inheritance

2. The Sealing of the Holy Spirit - the guarantee of our HS - he marks us out - divine mark - guarantee that we are heirs and we will experience eternal life
Ephesians 1:13; 4:30

3. The Spirit is the first fruits - down payment- first percentage of the harvest that is brought in - like a down payment on a house - this will be ours in fullness one day
Romans 8:23
2 Corinthians 1:22, 5:5
Ephesians 1:14


the Holy Spirit’s ministry today

sanctifying ministry

1. Scripture particularly associates the work of sanctification with the Holy Spirit - He is the divine agent of sanctification -
1 Peter 1:2 bringing about maturity in our Christian walk - the HS does this
2 Thessalonians 2:13
2. The Spirit produces Christ likeness in our life - fruits of the Spirit
Galatians 5:22-23
2 Corinthians 3:18 on going reality - day by day moment by moment experience - transforming us into the image of Jesus Christ


the Holy Spirit’s ministry today

other particular ministries of the Holy Spirit (mis)




PRAYER -Romans 8:26-27 HS helps us in our weaknesses - we are weak - we don't know what is right to pray for or what is God’s will; our prayer is char. by ignorance; sometimes not even have the ability to pray - ..... with groaning that are inexpressible through groanings.. HS always intercedes for us according to the will of God; when you're undone and don't know what to say take comfort that the HS is praying for you and the Father listens; help, comfort, guide… HS does this even when we cant verbalize our prayers

Ephesians 2:18 we cant even pray accept because the HS has provided access for us to the Father - access provided through the cross and HS

he HS prays for us when we cant get the words out-


the Holy Spirit’s ministry today

other particular ministries of the Holy Spirit (mis)


Holy Spirit ILLUMINATES the Word of God

1 Corinthians 2:12-15 - explains the unbeliever - cant receive/welcome the things of God because they are utter foolishness to them… asking the HS to illuminate (teach/explain) to us the Bible.. right fosters us in our heart so that we receive the Word that we can understand.. we pray that the HS will illumine our minds; understand the Word rightly; a place that welcomes the Word of God that we understand -
-Spirit filled believers grasp what the HS has revealed through his His inspired Word


the Holy Spirit’s ministry today

Holy Spirit distributes


spiritual gifts - sovereign work of the HS decided to give you the gifts that you have
-spiritual gifts are given so that when we use them the body of Christ is built up - for the common good.. not for your blessings (that is a second blessing)
what we need to do:
1. help people find their gifts through tools
2. teach people and train them how to use their gifts
3. channel people into ministries to use their gifts
1 Corinthians 12-14


the Holy Spirit’s ministry today

Holy Spirit provides .....


Romans 8:4-6, 14 -HS moving us to accomplish - say yes to the new and no to the old

Galatians 5:16 ff. Paul, Silus, & Timothy - tremendous guiding of the HS
notre dame story guidance of the HS - ---
--guidance of the HS, prompting by the HS… obey prompting of HS


Holy Spirit provides ________ & _______ in the church.

unity and fellowship

We cannot create this. The Spirit grants to the church unity. Because of our sinful tendencies we destroy the unity.

Ephesians 4:3
2 Corinthians 13:14; Philippians 2:1-2

how is this possible?
Romans 15:30; Colossians 1:8 The HS gives us love for one another. We love others in the HS. For those that are hard for you to love, ask the HS to give you love for them that you do not have.

Romans 14:17; 1 Thessalonians 1:6 - HS fosters an atmosphere of righteousness, peaces, and joy. Work hard to maintain unity.
Gal 5 - 8/15 have to do with disunity in the church


The Holy Spirit puts/establishes

leaders in the church.
established to be leaders.. called by the HS
other things in the call.. chemistry with others
men who have been established by God to be pastors and leaders in the church


HS empowerment for


Acts 1:8; 4:8; 5:27-32
Acts 20:28


avoid__________ against the Holy Spirit

Ephesians 4:30 HS seal of our redemption - don't give the HS when you sin. your rebellion
-we sadden the HS when we disobey his leading

1 Thessalonians 5:19 - don’t quench the HS; don't be an obstacle of the work of the HS


living in

the Spirit

be filled with the Holy Spirit (Eph. 5:18)
rather live in the Spirit.. be guided by, commanded by
choice daily… to be filled or to ignore this
present tense - an on going command.. keep on being filled with the HS.. keep on being
put yourself in a posture to be lead by the HS; responsible by yielding


do ____________ in the Holy Spirit


Luke 10:21 as Jesus rejoiced in the HS, we also rejoice in the HS - find our ultimate joy in walking in the Spirit -ultimate joy in the HS

Acts 19:21 - Paul resolved in a siutation by the HS… made a decision by the HS.. Ask the HS to guide and direct us

Romans 5:5 - God’s love has been poured out by the HS.. we enjoy the love of God by the HS;

Ephesians 2:18
Ephesians 6:18; Jude 20 - pray in the HS; members praying for one another; concert of prayer

Colossians 1:8
Galatians 3:2-3 - we grow by the HS; we mature by the HS.. not by the law/legalism/moralism/behaviorism

1 Thessalonians 1:5; 1 Corinthians 2:1-5 - we evangelize in the HS - pray for the HS to convict


7. conclusion (Zech. 4:6)
-not by might or by power, but by the Spirit of God
-not our power, wisdom or planning

BY THE SPIRIT.. walk in the Spirit, be filled with the Spirit