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Summarise the route of air through the reparatory system?

Nostrils, nasal cavity, pharynx, laryna, trachea, bronchi, bronchial tubes (bronchioles), Alveoli (air sacs)


What is the pharynx?

Te muscular type that is the gateway to the trachea and digestive tract; the throat.


what is the epiglottis?

Elasctic cartilage at e back of the throat; covers the owning to the respiratory tract dying swelling.


What is the larynx?

A cartilaginous organ between the pharynx and the trachea.


What is the trachea?

The trachea (windpipe) caries air btwen the larynx and the bronchi.


What is the Bronchi?

Bronchi are tubes that carry air from the trachea into the lungs.


What are the bronchial Tubes? (Bronchiole?)

The bronchi are divided into smaller tubes called bronchial tubes or bronchioles.


What are Alveolus?

One of the many air sacs located at the end of each bronchiole; gas exchange with the circulatory system takes place here.


What is the thorax?

The Thorax is the chest cavity: it contains the heart and lungs.


What is the diaphragm?

The Diaphragm is a sheet of muscle tissue that separate the thoracic and abdominal cavities; functions in breathing.


What is the pleural membrane?

A thin, smooth membrane that covers each lunch hand lines each half of he thoracic cavity.


What is the kidney?

An organ that filters blood to remove nitrogenous wastes; also regulates the water and solute balance in the blood. Urine passes from the kidney to the ureter.


What is the renal artery?

Blood vessel that carries nitrogenous waste-containing blood to the kidney.


What are the nephrons?

The Nephrons are the functional unit of the kidney; one of many tubules involved in filtration and selective reabsorption of blood.


What is the glomerulus?

In the kidney, a dense network of capillaries enclosed by a Bowman's capsule.


What is the bowman's Capsule?

The bowman's Capsule in the kidney, is a thin-walled cup that surrounds the glomerulus and is involved with forced filtration.


What is the loop of Henle?

It is a hair-pin-shaped section of the renal tubule in which salt and water are reabsorbed into the blood.


Define urine and describe its path out of the body?

Consists of water and dissolved waste products from blood. Path out of the body: Kidney, ureter, bladder and urethra.


Describe excretion through the skin?

Sweat glands in the skin absorb dissolved wastes from surrounding capillaries. This liquid passes through the pores as perspiration.


What is Urea?

An organic molecule formed in the liver; the main form of mammalian nitrogenous wage; component of urine.


What is the ureter?

The thin tube that carries urine from the kidney to the bladder.


What is the Urethra?

The tube that conveys urine from the bladder to the outside of the body.