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What does the BRAKES & ACCU PRESS triple indicator indicate?

- Yellow hydraulic pressure delivered to the left and right brakes

- Yellow system brake accumulator pressure


How do you perform the brake check during initial taxi?

Press the brake pedals to ensure the aircraft slows, and check the brake pressure on the triple indicator is zero, indicating the Green hydraulic system has taken over


Can the aircraft be flown with a loss of all hydraulic systems?

No, you must have at least one


What occurs when you pres the RAT MAN ON pushbutton?

The RAT extends providing pressure to the BLUE hydraulic pump


Does the PTU transfer hydraulic fluid?



How many hydraulic pumps are in the GREEN system?

- 1 Engine driven pump

- 1 PTU


How many hydraulic pumps are in the BLUE system?

- 1 Electric pump

- 1 RAT


How many hydraulic pumps are in the YELLOW system?

- 1 Engine driven pump

- 1 Electric pump

- 1 PTU

- 1 Hand Pump


What is normal system hydraulic pressure?

3000 psi +/-200


Does the RAT automatically deploy with the loss of BLUE hydraulic pressure?

No, it must be deployed manually by the RAT MAN ON pushbutton


What condition will cause the PTU to operate when the pushbutton is in AUTO?

A difference of 500 psi between the GREEN and YELLOW hydraulic systems


What is the purpose of the hand pump?

To provide Yellow hydraulic pressure for cargo door operation


How long does it take for the RAT to extend and provide power?

8 seconds (3 seconds for rat to extend, and 5 seconds to pressurize the Blue hydraulic system and power the EMER GEN)


When is the PTU inhibited?

- PTU pushbutton is OFF

- First Engine start

- Parking brake is ON and only one ENG MASTER switch is ON

- NWS in towing position and parking brake ON

- Cargo door operation (PTU is also inhibited for 40 seconds after the end of cargo door operation)


Name several items that run from only the YELLOW system?


- Alternate Brakes

- Parking Brake

- Cargo Doors

- Engine 2 Reverser


If the ACCU PRESS indicator is low, what should you do?

Obtain ground clearance then turn ON the YELLOW ELEC PUMP to pressurize the accumulator


Does operating the cargo door run the PTU?

No, it is inhibited


Which systems are not inhibited during cargo door operation?

- Alternate Braking

- Engine 2 reverser

- NWS (if bypass pin not installed)


When does the BLUE ELEC PUMP operate?

- After the first engine is started

- If the BLUE PUMP OVRD pb on the MX Panel has been pressed with no engine running


If the "FAULT" light in the PTU pushbutton is ON, are there any other indications on the HYD Panel?

Yes, FAULT light illuminated in the respective ENG PUMP pushbutton


If the ECAM actions lead you to turn OFF the PTU for a Reservoir Overheat, will the FAULT light go out?

No, not until the overheat condition subsides


Can the YELLOW ELEC PUMP run the PTU?



What does an amber "FAULT" light in the PTU pushbutton indicate?

- Overtemp in Reservoir

- Low air pressure in the reservoir

- Low quantity in the reservoir


What does a "FAULT" light in the BLUE or YELLOW ELEC PUMP pushbutton indicate?

- Pump pressure low

- Overtemp in the reservoir

- Low air pressure in the reservoir

- Low quantity in the reservoir

- Overheat of pump


What is different about the deployment of the RAT from the HYD panel?

Blue HYD pressure only, no emergency generator