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The mechanism of action of (ACE-I)

Inhibit ace, Reduce conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II, Inhibit Angiotensin II mediated vasoconstriction.


The Last letters of ACE-I drugs contain which letters?



The nursing consideration for ACE-I

Aspirin and NSAIDs may reduce effectiveness
Adding a diuretic enhances drugs effects
Don't use with potassium sparing diuretics
May cause a dry hacking cough
Captopril given PO for hypertensive crisis


Where do Beta blockers 1 work?

The heart


Where do Beta blockers 2 work?

Smooth muscle of blood vessels, Lungs, and skeletal muscle.


The mechanism of action of Beta blockers 1?

Blocks B1-adrenergic receptors.
Reduce BP by blocking B-adrenergic effects.
Decrease cardiac output, reduces sympathetic vasoconstrictor tone.
Decrease renin recreation by kidneys.


The last letters of Beta-Blockers 1?



Nursing consideration for Beta-Blockers 1?

Monitor BP and HR regularly.
Administer with caution with those with DM drug mask tachycardia seen when hypoglycemic.
Esmolol is IV only
B-Blockers I: Loses cardioselectivity at high dose.


The mechanism of action for Calcium channel blockers?

Inhibit movement of Calcium across the cell membrane that results in vasodilation.
Cardioselective resulting in decrease in heart rate and slowing of AV conduction.


Nursing considerations for Calcium channel blockers?

Caution with those with HF.
Toxicity increased with grapefruit juice.
Used for supra ventricular tachydysrhythmias.
Avoid if pt second or third degree AV block or left ventricular systolic dysfunction.


The ending of some Calcium channel blockers?



the two types of Calcium channel blockers?

Non-Dihydropyridines & Dihydropyridines


The mechanism of action for Dihydropyridines?

Cause vascular smooth muscle relaxation resulting in decreased systemic vascular resistance and arterial BP.


What is the mechanism of action for Aldosterone Receptor Blockers?

Inhibit the Na+ retaining and K+ excreting effects of aldosterone.


Nursing considerations for Aldosterone receptor blockers?

Watch for Orthostatic hypotension and hyperkalemia.
No meds that spare K+
Caution with ACE-inhibitors and Angiotensin-II blockers


The ending letters of Aldosterone receptor blockers?



The mechanism of action of Loop diuretics?

Increase excretion of NaCl, shorter acting, and less effective for hypertension